Time flies so fast, and before we know it, it’s already Christmas. This is the perfect time to create Christmas-themed videos to promote your products or services or fun videos for friends and loved ones. And yes, you can create a series of Christmas-themed short videos using Doodly.

Most of you already know about Doodly. It’s a simple yet exciting and fun whiteboard animation video editing tool with an easy-to-use interface. If you’re new to Doodly or want to learn more about it, this blog is for you. In this video, we’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions on creating Christmas TikTok videos using Doodly. I’m excited to share the steps with you and look forward to seeing how quickly and easily you can create your own Christmas TikTok videos using Doodly. So if you’re ready, let’s proceed with the steps.

Creating the Video

Step 1 – Set up the right video size for TikTok.

We start by setting up the right video format. Doodly’s video size is horizontal at default. To change that, we need to customize it and make it vertical. There are two areas in Doodly where you can set up the video size: from the create new video screen and the Export menu.

Video Size Setting via Create New Video Screen

After you log in to Doodly, you will be routed to the first page, where you will see create new video, your saved projects, and Doodly templates. When you click Create New Video, you will get a pop-up overlay where you must choose your scene style, title, and resolution. Select whiteboard as your scene style and add a title. Don’t overthink your title at this point because you can change it later on as you start editing your scenes. After adding your title, choose Custom from the resolution’s dropdown menu and set it to 1080 x 1920.

Video Size Setting via Export menu

The second option to set your video size is from the Export menu. When you choose this option, there is no way to preview how your video looks with the newly selected screen size. The only option available after changing your video size is to Export it. Having said that, it is best to set the video size from the create new video screen.

Step 2: Choose your image

After setting the video size, the next step is to select the assets that you will use for your video. Choosing what image or characters you want to add to your video can take time, especially if you don’t have a theme in mind yet. However, it helps to see some images to give you ideas on how you want to execute your video. Let’s look at some of the characters and props that you can use from Doodly:

These are just some of the many Christmas assets we have available in Doodly. If you want a specific type of image, you can always look for it from other royalty-free websites and upload it in Doodly.

Below are some of the free websites that are commonly used when looking for graphics. Note that these are just examples. Of course, there are many other similar sites that you can use other than what we mentioned below.

Step 3: Arrange your assets and fix your Doodly Settings.

After importing your images, it’s time to arrange them and create your scenes. Here are some Doodly settings that can help you customize your video. Depending on what you’re working on, you may or may not need to change some of the settings of these menus.

  • Add your images.
  • Add your text and customize their color.
  • Set Reveal Mode to Fade.
  • Turn off Erase mode.
  • Turn off Scene Transition.
  • Choose a different hand style if you want to.
  • Fix your scenes from the Layers menu in the order you want them to appear.
  • Adjust animation duration or place a delay to fix its timing.
  • Add extra time at the end of your scenes if there’s a need to.

These are just some of the menus that we have in Doodly. Apart from what we mentioned above, you can also try to add a sound effect, record a voiceover, add draw paths, and a lot more.

Here’s how we apply these changes in Doodly:

Now that we have finally created our video, it’s time to upload it in TikTok.

Uploading your Doodly Video To TikTok

Export the video from Doodly.

The first step is, of course, to export your video in Doodly. You can do this by clicking Export (as shown below), and make sure you have the right destination path before you hit Continue. The file format defaults to mp4, which is the most common video file type. The resolution displayed is the one you set at the start of the video creation process. Changing your resolution at this stage might mess up the placement of your assets, so please make sure you set your resolution correctly at the start before you work on your scenes.

Import the video to your phone.

As soon as you saved your video to your desktop, you have to use an app that will let you import the Doodly video to your phone. We do this because we will import the video to the TikTok mobile app. While you can import your Doodly video to TikTok’s web version, we won’t be able to apply all of TikTok’s customization tools. That is why it is best to upload the Doodly video from your phone directly to TikTok’s mobile app.

Some of the file transfer apps that you can use.

Upload the Doodly Video to TikTok mobile app.

After saving the Doodly video to your phone, open the TikTok mobile app and locate your video. When you have located your video, upload it to TikTok but don’t post it yet. Use TikTok’s customization settings to make your video more lively and fun. Try adding stickers, filters, music, effects, and other things you may need for your video. Just be careful not to over-decorate your video.

When you’re done editing your video, click NEXT and POST it.

To sum it up, here is a quick look at the video upload process:

Uploading Video from Doodly to TikTok


Doodly is an extensive application for creating whiteboard animation videos that can be used for brand promotion, especially during special holidays such as Christmas and New Year. You can create a series of custom TikTok videos using your own artwork and also make it interactive by adding different characters and props, filters, sounds, and text. It’s really easy to make your own Christmas video using Doodly. Even the most creative and non-creative people can create amazing video content in no time.

We hope this blog inspires you to work on your Christmas TikTok videos. Happy Doodling. 🙂