A real estate transaction occurs when a seller lists their property for sale, and a buyer agrees to purchase it. There are tons of activities and tasks involved in the process before a property can finally be sold. A real estate transaction is quite a complex process. It’s often overwhelming for buyers and sellers. After all, how often do you buy or sell a house? Fortunately, we have whiteboard animation software that makes complex ideas easy to understand and fun to watch. Many realtors use Doodly to create whiteboard explainer videos that help explain various real estate processes. Doodly simplifies and presents a complex process in an easy-to-understand, engaging video.

Why Use Doodly?

For one thing, Doodly is super easy to use, making it possible for realtors or their assistants to create their own videos.

More importantly, publishing a series of explainer videos on YouTube, maybe your website, or even Facebook sets you apart from other agents. It is a great way to showcase your knowledge, show off your personality, and reach a broader audience of potential clients.

As you know, educating your client is vital. And these videos are a great way to do just that while forming the beginning of a relationship.

Ideal Topics

So how are you going to come up with all these explainer video ideas? The best course of action is to brainstorm video ideas. Some topics to consider are the following:

  • How to stage a home for a faster sale
  • How to find a buyer’s agent
  • Understanding comparable sales 
  • Pre-qualifying for or applying for a mortgage
  • Different types of mortgages
  • Navigating the escrow process

These are just some of the most common topics you can use as a theme for your Doodly video. As a realtor, you probably have tons of ideas for your explainer video. You can think of topics for first-time home buyers, investors, move-out buyers, those who are relocating, as well as the other types of buyers and sellers. For sure, they have lots of questions before they either buy or sell their houses. You can use the explainer video to address each question and present them to your client. You can also create your own website, place all your Doodly videos there, and answer these frequently asked questions.

Your explainer videos don’t have to be too long. We have a few tips for you when creating your explainer videos using Doodly.

Doodly Tips

1. Use existing templates.

For starters, Doodly has several templates already available for different real estate and mortgage topics that you can use and customize.

You can access these templates from the main page of Doodly, right beside the Projects tab.

2. Create your own template.

Consider making a basic template with all the primary assets in place if you are starting from scratch. Your template doesn’t need to be super fancy, but it is helpful to have all the elements of opening and closing scenes in place. On your template, you can already add your logo, contact details, as well as your favorite music track. If you have a character that you like to use for all your real estate videos, you can already add those to your template.

3. Set the video format.

Consider your video format when creating your video. Creating horizontal videos may not be best for social media uploads like Facebook or Instagram, especially if your target audience watches your videos from their mobile phones. Instead, use a square frame. The square format is ideal for FB and IG because it provides a more visual impact. It takes more vertical space, which is important because Facebook videos are usually viewed vertically on mobile phones.

To use a square video format for your Doodly video, choose Facebook and Instagram from the dropdown options after clicking Create New Video.

4. Write a script and repurpose it.

It would help to write your own script for your videos. If you already have a blog or newsletter, you might be able to repurpose it by creating a script out of it. Think about how you might illustrate these concepts on a real whiteboard. And then begin building your animation with lots of visuals. Try not to be super text-heavy. After creating an explainer video for your web page, you can reformat it and upload it on social media. You can make FB stories or IG posts and turn them into series using clips from your Doodly video. You can also create email series, upload it to your YouTube channel, and so on.

5. Narrate your videos.

Use your voice to narrate your videos to build that instant connection with your viewers. They’ll be more comfortable talking to you once they’re ready to make a move because they’ve heard your voice over and over from your explainer videos. If you plan on creating a series of videos, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a decent microphone. It helps project a more professional-sounding voice. At the same time, it will be easier for your viewers to listen to you since you can eliminate the unnecessary background noise when you start recording.

We have many tutorials on how to use Doodly to create whiteboard videos. We hope this blog inspired you to use Doodly to explain real estate processes. 🙂