Last month, we launched a new update that provides additional features within the Doodly app. Some of these features involve asset alignment, the ability to lock assets in place, setting up the erase feature’s delay, changing the duration and delay of multiple assets at once, and other minor updates. These are all great additional features to Doodly and we’re excited to try it.

We’d love to explore these new updates with you so in today’s article, we will look into Doodly’s latest software version, 2.8.0.

Installing the New Update

Unlike the usual over-the-air updates, Doodly’s version 2.8.0 is updated manually. That means we have to install the latest software version by downloading it and executing the downloaded file on our computers. Don’t worry, our existing projects and settings are safe. They won’t be deleted or reset as we install the new software. The question is, it is worth it to update? Well definitely yes and it is never too late to update your Doodly app to the latest version.

You can download Doodly’s 2.8.0 version here:

Windows 64-bit version

Windows 32-bit version

Mac OS X

Just follow the onscreen instructions, agree on the terms, and you’re all set.

The first feature that we will look into is the alignment of assets. This new feature allows you to align an item that is placed in your scene without the need to drag your assets manually. The alignment option perfectly aligns the assets to the left, center, right, top, middle, and bottom portions of the scene. They can also be distributed horizontally and vertically, similar to what you can do in Microsoft Powerpoint. You can use this feature for both individual and multiple assets.

Aligning single asset

Aligning a single asset is easy. All you have to do is click one specific character or props, right-click, select Align then choose your preferred direction where you want your asset placed. This is helpful when you’re aiming for perfect alignment and want to move an asset from left to right, top to bottom, or place an asset in the middle. You will see that when you’re doing this action, the option Align to Scene is ticked.

Aligning Multiple Assets

There are cases when you want to move several characters and line them up either vertically or horizontally. Or maybe you want to place them in the middle, on the left or right side of your scene. Now you can do all that without moving your assets one by one. Doodly now has the option to align multiple assets at the same time. You can select all the assets and align them or only choose some assets you want to move together. Feel free to play around, and get a feel of how this new feature works until you finally get the hang of it.

Lock Assets

One of the best features added to this new update is the ability to lock assets. It is not easy to move assets around in your scene if you have a lot of different characters and props to work on. With Doodly’s version 2.8.0, we now have the option to lock assets in place. We can move each asset without worrying about accidentally dragging other assets that we don’t intend to move.

You can lock individual assets by selecting the asset you wish to lock, right-click, then choose Lock from the menu. To lock multiple assets, you can press CTRL on your keyboard (or CMD key for Apple OS) and select the assets you wish to lock.

If you are working with a project where a scene will have several characters and props, it is best to lock each layer before you add another to prevent assets from being accidentally moved. This feature is also perfect for making some tiny adjustments to your scenes.

Asset Erase Delay

Another great feature is the asset’s Erase Exit Animation delay. In the past, if you enable Erase as your exit animation, the animated hand would draw the item and then erase it right away. This can sometimes make our presentation look as if the drawings are executed in a rush, not giving our audience a chance to ponder on what was just drawn. Though there are themes that look great with drawings being immediately erased, it would be great to have an option to set the time it takes before the hand erases the drawing. If we have this option, we can also insert some talk-time right after the asset is drawn, before it gets erased.

Gladly, Doodly’s version 2.8.0 has this feature and we’re loving it. Now we can set a delay before a character, props, or text finally gets erased.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the previous Erase feature vs. the new Erase feature with Delay:

As you can see from the video, the hand on the left side immediately erases the texts. While on the right, there is a couple of seconds delay before the text finally gets erased. This gives us time to speak, and explain the topic without the audience being distracted by the hand erasing the writings on the notepad.

To add the delay, select the asset you wish to apply this feature on, then click the gear icon. You will see that the Exit Animation > Erase now has the option for Delay. This is the time set to stop the hand from immediately erasing the asset. The Duration option beside it is the time spent by hand drawing the asset.

Change Duration and Delay of Multiple Assets

Another great feature is the option to change the duration and delay of multiple assets simultaneously. This feature has been part of Doodly’s previous updates, but it’s a good feature worth mentioning. Say you decide to keep all animation duration at the same drawing speed rate. You don’t need to individually set the duration for each asset. All you have to do is select all the assets you need and then change their delay and duration altogether.

Context Menu

Another new feature was added to the context menu. When you select an asset and you do right-click using your mouse, you will see several new options in the menu, and one of them is the Settings. Prior to the new update, the Asset’s setting can only be accessed when you click ah asset and select the gear icon from the menu options that will appear. With the new update, we now have access to Asset’s settings when you do right-click. The other menu’s available apart from settings are lock, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all, align and delete.

Sound Settings

Another exciting feature added is the option to add a sound effect to each asset. You will see this option when you go to the asset settings. Unlike before where the sound effects can only be added in the timeline, this time you can choose to add a sound every time an asset enters or exits your scene. This option is only enabled when you choose Draw as your Enter Animation and Erase as your Exit Animation. Since it is a sound effect, the duration of each sound is very short. If you need to make the sound longer, just click the loop count beside it.

Apart from the additional features, the team also fixed some minor bugs and made various subtle improvements throughout the app.

And that’s a wrap..

We have finally completed listing down the additional features included in our new update. If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or want to report an issue, feel free to reach us through our Doodly requests page.

We hope that you enjoy these new features and enhancements. Happy doodling!

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