If you just recently purchased Doodly, planning to buy it, or you’re about to install the software, this article is for you. In this blog, we are going to look at the download and installation process of our animation software, Doodly. In addition, we will also check out the Doodly member’s website. Let’s get started.

You can get Doodly from the website doodly.com and choose from either Standard or Enterprise packages.

As soon as you have completed the purchase process, you will receive a welcome email. This then confirms your purchase and you’re now ready to download Doodly.

1. Welcome Email

The welcome email contains the subject line, “Welcome to Doodly [Account information inside]”.

Now this email is very important because it includes your login details, download links, and other useful information. 

a. Login Details

On the welcome email, you will find your login credential which contains your username and password.

Your username is your email address and the temporary password is a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. You can always change this into something you can easily remember once you’re already logged in to Doodly.

Tip: If you can’t find the email in your inbox, try checking your spam folder or do a search using the welcome email’s subject line.

b. Download link from the email

The download link provided in the email is what you need to download Doodly on your computer. 

For Windows:

Windows 64-bit: https://www.doodly.net/download/win64 (recommended)

Windows 32-bit: https://www.doodly.net/download/win32

For Mac:

OS X: https://www.doodly.net/download/osx

For Windows users, it is important that you download the correct link based on the version of your computer. If you’re not sure about your computer’s version,  you can go to this link and learn how to locate it.

2. Downloading Doodly

When you’re ready to download, just CLICK the download link provided on the welcome email or simply COPY AND PASTE the link in your browser and start downloading.



3. Installing Doodly

Windows users will have an executable file downloaded with filename Doodly Setup (version).exe while Mac users will have a disk image with filename Doodly-(version).dmg.

a. Double-click Doodly’s .exe or .dmg file

Once the download has been completed, double-click to launch Doodly. By default, it is automatically saved in your Downloads folder so in case the file disappeared after it finished downloading, you can just go to the Downloads folder and launch it from there.



b. Agree on the License Agreement

Clicking the executable file or disk image will launch the end-user license agreement. Hit agree.

c. Launch the Doodly App

After you agree on the terms, a pop-up box will appear for mac users. Just drag the Doodly icon inside the Applications folder and locate the Doodly app then launch it.

For Windows users, Doodly automatically opens after you agree on the terms. There’s also a Desktop shortcut to the app so if you’re looking for it, just check for the Doodly icon on your desktop.

d. Login Using Your Login Details

As soon as you open the Doodly software, you will be prompted to enter your email and password. It is best to tick the remember my password option so you don’t have to enter your login details every now and then.

If you wish to change your password, you can do so by heading on to the User Details and change the password.

Now apart from the login credential and the download link, we can also find below links and details on the email:

  • Link to Doodly’s members area
  • Doodly’s support page
  • Support team’s email address

These links and support page is a good tool, especially for new Doodly owners. Let’s check out the member’s area.

Doodly Members Area

Doodly’s Members Area is a page that you may want to bookmark in your browser for your future reference. This has links to almost everything you may need as you continue to learn and discover Doodly.

We list down below the things we find on the member’s page:

a. Download link from the website

This page has the same download links which are indicated on the welcome email. Note that with Doodly, you are installing a local piece of software to your computer, into your hard drive. Despite that, the data is actually stored in the cloud.  Meaning, you can install Doodly on multiple computers without the need to start from scratch. You can literally pick up your work where you left off. So remember this page when you need to install Doodly on your other computers.

Note: Since it is cloud-based, you would need to have an internet connection to access your data in Doodly. If you try to log in without internet, you will see the message below:

b. Upgrades and add-ons

If you decide to upgrade to one of those offers that you were presented with when you first purchased Doodly, you can find those offers again on this page.

c. Tutorials

You can also find tutorials here so you can come back to this page anytime and watch the introductory series of the tutorials.

d. Doodly’s  Facebook Group

Doodly’s FB group is a great place to ask questions, get inspired by other people’s work, and a place where you can share your work too if you want.

e. Support Links

At the bottom of the page, you will find link to FAQs, an option to contact Doodly, and access to the Knowledge Base.

And there you have it, we have successfully finished going through the entire download and installation process!

To Recap…

Downloading and installing Doodly can be summarized into 5 easy steps:

✔️ Doodly is a cloud-based software. You can install it on several computers and access your projects at any time without the need to start over.

✔️ You need an internet connection to log in and access your videos.

✔️ The Members Area page gives you several helpful links and these are:

  • Links to download Doodly (Windows and Mac users)
  • Add-ons and/or upgrade options are available should you wish to get Doodly’s Enterprise package, Talkia or Automatic Script
  • Introductory video tutorials
  • Link to join the Doodly’s Facabook Group
  • Links to FAQs and Knowledge Base
  • Link to contact the support team

If you wish to see a more detailed tutorial, you can check out Doodly’s YouTube page.

Lastly, if you have any other queries, you can always create a ticket: