Standing out in the online real estate market can be tough. There’s a lot of competition, and it can be hard to get your listings noticed. But don’t worry, there’s a smart way to do it. One of the best ways is by making a whiteboard explainer video. These videos can make it easy for potential buyers and renters to understand what you’re offering, and they’re way more engaging than regular videos. Plus, they often use animation and illustrations, which grab people’s attention.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make a visually stunning whiteboard explainer video using Doodly. It’s super easy and fast.

There are three key elements you’ll need: a script that highlights the key features and selling points of the property, high-quality images, and a voice-over that guides the viewer through the video. With these three things, you’ll be able to make a professional-looking video in no time. We’ll go over each of these elements in more detail, so you’ll know exactly what to do.

The Listing Script

The first step in creating a successful listing presentation is to have a well-crafted script. You don’t have to start from scratch when creating a script for your real estate listing. You can use the script you’ve previously created for flyers, brochures, or other marketing materials as a guide. This can save time and make the process easier. Plus, it can help you quickly and easily organize the scenes in your listing video by using the script as a reference for what information to include in each segment of the video.

sample listing script

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to start your video and what elements to include, don’t worry. Doodly offers a listing template that can serve as a starting point for your video. You can customize it to fit your specific needs and make it unique to your listing. You can delete or add scenes, change characters, add audio, and more.

To access the template, simply go to the Templates tab in Doodly and look for the listing template. This will save you time and make the process of creating your video a lot easier.

Information to include

When creating a listing script, there are a few important things you should include. If you have created one before, you probably already know what they are. But in case you haven’t, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • The location of the property, including the address and neighborhood.
  • The details of the property, like how big it is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and the age and condition of the property.
  • Any cool features the property has, like a backyard, pool, garage, or view.
  • Information about the neighborhood and nearby amenities like schools, parks, and grocery stores.
  • The price of the property and any financing options available.
  • High-quality images of the property and virtual tours if you have them.
  • Contact info for the listing agent or broker.
  • Any other relevant information, like recent home inspection reports or energy efficiency certifications.

It’s important to focus on the key features and selling points of the property. You must also include information about the surrounding area and local amenities. Think about who you’re trying to sell to and tailor your script to appeal to them. If you include all the important and relevant information, you’ll be able to create a script that effectively communicates the key features of the property and grabs the attention of potential buyers and renters.

Once you have your script, it’s time to gather your visual elements, like images of the property.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Images are super important when making a real estate listing video. They let you show off the property and all its cool features. They also help potential buyers or renters get a feel for the layout and condition of the place. But like, really good images are key. They make the property look amazing and can make or break a potential buyer’s or renter’s decision.

You probably already have some sweet pictures of the house taken by a pro photographer. That’s a good start. All you gotta do now is put those into Doodly.

Here’s how you can upload your images:

1. Go to the Assets Panel and click on the Props tab. Then, click the blue “+” button.

2. A screen will pop up that says “Add new prop.” From there, click “Browse files” and select the images you want to upload from your computer.

Doodly supports PNG, JPEG, SVG, and even GIF files. To make sure your images look great in your video, use images that are 1920 x 1080 pixels or smaller.

3. Once you’ve added your images, you can start adding other fun stuff like text, props and characters.

The last step is to add a voice-over. You can either record it right within Doodly or import a pre-recorded one. Both options are pretty easy.

Recording Voice-over in Doodly

To record your voice-over:

1. Go to the timeline, and next to the mic & volume icon, click the “+” sign.

2. When the red mic appears, click on it and start recording your voice-over.

If you already have a pre-existing voice recording that you want to use, you can easily import it into Doodly as well. This can save time and resources, and keep things consistent across your marketing campaigns. Here’s how you do it:

Importing your Voice-over

1. Go to the Assets panel and select Sounds. Make sure that the category is set to either All or My Library.

2. Click the blue “+” sign and locate your recording from your desktop.

3. Lastly, drag the imported audio file onto the timeline.

And there you have it!

We’ve completed the process of creating a listing video in Doodly. It can be a bit tricky to visualize how to incorporate all the steps, especially if you’re a new Doodly user. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a video that shows the process of creating a listing video in Doodly – let’s take a look!


Creating a whiteboard explainer video is a smart and effective way to showcase your real estate listings online. With Doodly, you can easily make a visually stunning video that highlights all the important features of your property.

To make a successful listing presentation, you need a solid script, nice images, and an engaging voice-over. By including all the important details like the property’s location, size, special features, and the listing agent’s contact information, you can give potential buyers or renters all the information they need to make a decision.

Doodly makes it super simple to create professional-looking videos in no time. So, no need to stress about making listing videos, Doodly got you covered. So go on, give it a try and start creating your own listing videos. Happy Doodling!