Doodly as we all know is a software that allows us to create video presentations in the form of whiteboard animation, drawing assets in our scenes. While we can all agree that one can learn how to draw, in most cases, it comes out naturally to someone who is indeed gifted with such great talent. If you don’t have the talent, we can try to learn but it’s not an easy skill to master. That is why having Doodly do the drawing for us is satisfying to watch especially if you don’t know how to draw.

Doodly comes with a variety of characters and props that are pre-installed.  By default, Doodly assets are black and white line images. This is because of course, when we draw, we do our sketches using a pencil. However, adding more colors to our drawn assets makes our drawings more lively and that is what Doodly rainbow is for. Doodly rainbow allows us to instantly convert those black and white assets into colored images.

Okay, so we know that Doodly rainbow adds color to our assets but what exactly is Doodly rainbow? Is it for free? Is it a plugin? How do we use it?  Where can we purchase it? If you have the same questions, keep reading because this blog is all about Doodly rainbow. 

What is Doodly Rainbow?

Doodly rainbow is a feature within Doodly that converts all preset black & white assets into a colored image. It is a paid add-on. It does not come stock with your Doodly standard or Doodly enterprise software. Doodly rainbow is purchased separately.

How to Purchase Doodly Rainbow?

The link to purchase Doodly rainbow is found right after you log in to Doodly. If you would like to try it, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the “My Videos” page which is your main page, then locate the Doodler Toolbox. 

The Doodler Toolbox shows all the available products and add-on which you might be interested to try. Click Doodly Rainbow and just follow the on-screen instruction to purchase. Once you have completed the purchase process, you’ll have the Doodly rainbow icon which is a little rainbow wheel button control . This lets you turn on and off the rainbow feature of your Doodly. 

The rainbow wheel icon is located within 4 different locations in Doodly:

1. Assets Panel

2. Asset Settings

3. Video Settings

4. Scene Settings

Let’s take a look at Doodly rainbow within each different location.

Doodly Rainbow within Assets Panel

To get to the assets panel, click “Create new video” from Doodly’s main screen. You will be routed to the “Edit Video” page. This is where you will see the assets panel which is located on the left side of your screen.

The rainbow wheel icon within the assets panel allows you to apply colors to ALL preset assets.

The assets panel has 6 tabs. The rainbow icon is available on tabs Scenes, Characters, Props, and Marketplace.

In the scene below (Figure 1), we have our Doodly rainbow turned OFF.

You will see that the preset scenes within the assets panel are all black & white line images including the preset scene that we have just added to our timeline which is a beach scene.

Figure 1:

As soon as we switched ON the Doodly rainbow, you’ll see that the preset scenes on the left changed into full-color assets. (Figure 2).

Figure 2:

Notice the beach scene which we previously added prior to switching ON the rainbow feature. It did not change its color and it remained black & white. 

This only means that we can turn ON and OFF the Doodly rainbow within the asset panel without affecting the color of the preset scene or assets that have already been added to your scene or timeline.

Since clicking the rainbow icon only affects the preset assets within the assets panel, we can then combine colored and black & white line images in one scene by just turning on and off the rainbow feature then dragging the asset in our scene.

Doodly Rainbow within Asset Settings

Every character and prop has asset settings. This is where we make modifications specific to characters and props only. This is also another location where we can find the rainbow icon. The Doodly rainbow tool from the asset settings lets us enable or disable the color of our selected asset.

To turn on Doodly rainbow from the asset settings:

  • Select the preset character or props you wish to enable color. 
  • Click the gear icon which is the first icon you’ll see after you’ve selected the asset.
  • The asset settings menu will pop up. Locate the Doodly rainbow tool which is found at the bottom right side of the screen and switch it ON.
  • Hit Apply.

If your video is set to have black and white line images but you wish to make certain assets colored, all you have to do is go to the asset settings and enable the rainbow feature (Figure 3).

Doodly Rainbow within Video Settings

Another location where we can see the Doodly rainbow is within Video settings. Turning on the Doodly rainbow within Video settings applies color to all assets in your video. Say you are combining black & white and colored images but suddenly decided to make everything colored instead. You don’t have to go to the asset settings of each preset character and props just to turn on the rainbow feature. You can apply colors to all of the assets in your video by just switching on the Doodly rainbow icon from the video settings.

Here’s how:

1. Select Settings located at the left side of your screen just right above your timeline.

2. Switch Doodly Rainbow to ON.

3. You should get a pop-up saying, “Turning on Rainbow will make all images in the video color. Would you like to proceed?”. Hit OK.

4. After turning on Doodly rainbows, all assets in your video should now have colors.

This is also a great way to create two versions of your video. One with the traditional black and white line images and the other is with colors. Don’t forget to save and export each video using different file names.

Doodly Rainbow within Scene Settings

The Doodly rainbow tool within scene settings lets you apply color to all of your assets within a particular scene. Instead of selecting each asset within a scene, you can save time by turning on the Doodly rainbow feature within scene settings instead.

Here’s how you can do this:

1. Select the scene you wish to update and hit Scene Settings after.

2. Locate Doodly Rainbow and turn it ON.

3. You should get a pop-up saying, “Turning on Rainbow will make all images in the scene color. Would you like to proceed?”. Hit OK.

4. All assets within your selected scene will now be colored.

Again, Doodly rainbow only applies to Doodly’s preset characters and props. If we turn the rainbow to either ON or OFF, imported images regardless of the file type keep their original color thus the rainbow feature has no effect on them.


Another fun feature we can do with each colored asset is to have their color fade as they are revealed in your video.

Here’s how you can do this:

1. As soon as you have added the colored asset to your whiteboard, select it and click the pencil icon.

2. From the “Reveal Paths” dropdown menu, select “Fade”.

Observe how the color fades in as it fully reveals its color:

In Summary…

Doodly rainbow is a feature that lets us apply color to all available preset black & white line images within Doodly. Depending on how you want to use the colored assets, you can enable Doodly rainbow in the following locations:

Asset Panel

You enable rainbow from the asset panel if you wish to apply color to all preset characters and props. Note that setting up your rainbow feature from the asset panel will not affect any existing assets that have already been added to your scenes.

Asset Settings

The Doodly rainbow feature within asset settings only impacts your chosen asset. So if you have Doodly rainbow enabled within the assets panel and you disable the rainbow feature within the asset settings, all assets within the asset panel will be able to keep their colors on.

Video Settings

Updating the Doodly rainbow from Video settings updates the color of ALL preset assets within your entire video. This will not affect the asset panel. So if you have Doodly rainbow disabled within the assets panel and you enabled the rainbow feature within video settings, all characters & props within the asset panel will remain without colors.

Scene Settings

Doodly rainbow within scene settings lets you update the color of ALL preset assets within a selected scene only. This has no impact on the asset panel as well.

Rainbow ON or rainbow OFF?

Black & white line images make the whiteboard animation look more realistic since when we draw, we use pencils to do our sketches. Having colored images on the other hand makes our video more catchy and pretty. So should it be rainbow ON or OFF? It really depends on your theme, on your script, or on what you want. They both look great! 

Adding a Doodly rainbow instantly doubles up your total number of assets since it colors your existing black & white characters and props. Note that Doodly rainbow only works on preset assets, imported images are not impacted. Speaking of imported images, if you do not wish to add Doodly rainbow, you can always import your own colored images and enjoy having a colorful video too. Supported image files are png and jpeg.

We hope you enjoy our blog. If you have not purchased Doodly yet, go on and give it a try. Until next time!

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