What Is A Whiteboard Video

Video marketing has been a major standout trend in the marketing world in recent years. Businesses that harness video marketing enjoy incredible results, while others tend to struggle. It’s no surprise that 96 percent of marketers say they will maintain or increase their video marketing spend in the coming years.

Although there are tons of marketing videos out there, people retain information from whiteboard videos faster than other content types. As such, whiteboard videos have become an asset for salespeople and content creators.

Marketers and influencers use whiteboard videos to engage their audience, sell their product and increase conversions. Teachers and educators also use them to communicate complex ideas in a simple way.

If you are still wondering what whiteboard videos are about, we’ll get to it. This article will discuss the impact of whiteboard videos on your brand and how you can use it to your advantage.

Overview – Whiteboard Video

Whiteboards aren’t just new, and they don’t belong inside of classrooms alone. For instance, you’ve probably used a marker or dry-erase whiteboard to draw up your to-do list or holiday plans, make illustrations, or sketch your ideas out during a team meeting.

For most marketers, static whiteboard drawings or illustrations may not do justice to their ideas. And they risk losing out on the critical moments if they don’t present their ideas in interactive ways.

video is the future - state of video marketing survey results for 2021

Whiteboard videos may be the missing piece in the puzzle. Savvy marketers agree; even top business leaders say that video is the future. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, 86% of marketers use video as a key marketing tool.

Whiteboard videos are unique video styles that help educators, marketers and other users bring their ideas to life. Since they are suitable for visually illustrating complex ideas, most professionals use them to create their marketing or explainer videos.

But what makes whiteboard videos an essential marketing tool for most businesses? Or how does it translate to value for users?

Here is a quick answer.

The unique blend of bright and attractive graphic illustrations and engaging stories helps users to

  • Grab audience attention
  • Draw them in their circle, and
  • Keep them glued to the presentation.
Whiteboard video sketch

Whiteboard animation videos typically show viewers static images or content being hand-drawn on a screen, whiteboard, or white background. The quick line drawings made with virtual pens outline steps, illustrate ideas, and explain processes clearly.

The videos are typically accompanied by voice-overs that narrate each scene. These narrations walk the audience through the content and uncover the story behind the animation.  Although these animations are simple, they are undoubtedly engaging.

Whiteboard videos have also become a popular way to relay complex information. Not just because the graphics are simple,  but because they are easy to understand.

Creating whiteboard videos wasn’t always a walk in the park. Before now, trainers had to engage people with strong artistic abilities and film them drawing physically on clear whiteboard surfaces.

You guessed right! The process was time-consuming and required lots of planning before execution.

Nowadays, whiteboard video animation tools like Doodly takes care of the hard work. The tool makes it easy for marketers and trainers to create marketing and explainer videos in a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter the kind of content you are trying to put out. You can create high-engaging and high-converting videos without prior technical or design skills.

Are Whiteboard Videos Effective?

In the last few years, videos have become the breakout marketing trend. And top business leaders have adjusted to the new reality. Beyond driving more engagements, video marketing lets you tell your brand’s story in a special way.

Like a movie that tells a story, you can use videos to draw your audience into your circle and encourage them to take action. Moreso, video content isn’t forgotten so quickly; the memory sticks longer than words or static images.  

If you are just arriving at the party, here’s what you need to know. The potency of video marketing isn’t just a myth. It has come to stay. 

Here’s why you need to turn your attention to whiteboard animation videos.

The Stats

positive return on investment - state of video marketing survey results for 2021

In 2021, 93 percent of businesses say video has become a critical part of their company-wide marketing strategy. What’s more, 87 percent of marketers enjoyed a positive return on investment when they used video for marketing – an increase from 33 percent in 2015.

Global online video viewing and ad spending forecast chart

Even consumers have caught the buzz of the marketing trend. The average person spends about 84 minutes watching online videos daily. These figures are expected to increase to 100 minutes in 2021.

Videos can come in various forms, including

  • Explainers videos 
  • Presentations
  • Product videos
  • Webinars
  • Customer testimonials
  • Live stream
  • Video Blogs (Vlogs)

However, whiteboard videos have a higher retention rate. Compared to corporate videos with a talking head, whiteboard animated video has a higher retention rate of about 15 percent. In addition, people are three times more likely to share whiteboard videos than other video types.

The Psychology Behind Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos unlock audience engagements, sales, and conversion. But what’s the cognitive process that drives action on the part of customers?

whiteboard video sketch

The psychological impact of whiteboard animation video and other video forms has been documented in several studies. Among these studies, research conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman is worthy of note. 

In his study, he used a whiteboard animated video clip to run a fun experiment. The experiment surveyed 2000 people and examined the impact of whiteboard animation video on respondents compared to a classic talking-head video.

This study showed an average 15 percent increase in information retention after watching whiteboard animated styled video compared to the talking head clip. Furthermore, there was a 66 percent increase in the number of people willing to share the animated video. 

The results from this research points to the fact that animated videos are more entertaining. According to Dr. Wiseman, people learn better when they are entertained. He also explains that when the audience is in a good mood or in the right frame of mind, they retain information faster and better. 

Marketing your business with whiteboard videos lets you pass your message across in an engaging manner. The sketches and drawing take your audience through a fun storytelling journey. 

Plus, whiteboard videos are simple, thus making them a useful communication tool for people at all levels. The simpler the information or message is, the less effort the brain needs to process it and put it to use. 

While telling your story, customers should not have to rack their brains to understand your message.

Don’t be unassuming!  The graphics and aesthetic quality of your whiteboard videos should provide valuable insight into the story. Typically customers prefer to get the message just by visual contact with your content. So, be ready to make it stick. 

The Science of Visual Processing, Memory and Retention

According to research by a team of neuroscientists from MIT, our brain processes visual information as fast as 13 milliseconds. This rapid processing speed means the human brain can make sense of the information, make valuable decisions and retain information better. 

Whiteboard animation videos have a unique knack for drawing images in a sequence that makes the viewer feel involved in the process. By pulling the audience into the story, a good whiteboard animated video will significantly impact the viewer’s long-term memory. 

The beautiful thing about whiteboard videos is that it features a unique blend of unfolding action, background music, and narrations. With the power of visuals, customers can associate drawings, stories, and solutions to their own needs or towards charitable causes.


Engagement is the holy grail of content. And videos are the undisputed champion of all content formats. 

Customers love it, students love it, and you should too. About 79 percent of customers say they’ve been convinced to buy or download an app or software by watching a video. 

 In a world where customers are overwhelmed with lots of information, engaged audiences will consume most of your content. 

So if you are a marketer, video engagement should be your top metric for measuring marketing performance. As a content creator or business, driving audience engagement should be the ultimate goal. 

Whiteboard videos increase your chances of getting your clients stuck on your content. Tools like Doodly can help you create whiteboard videos that work and deliver significant results. Even more, Doodly offers templates for creating entertaining, informative, and engaging content.


Clarity is an essential piece of effective marketing content. 

The thing is, your customers do not like to be left in the dark. Moreover, it takes a few minutes for a  potential customer to search for alternatives, especially in a hypercompetitive market. If your video content is difficult to understand, or your audience can seem to figure out what you are trying to say, your content is not useful. 

Imagine a scenario where your customer has to leave your content to search Google for answers. Obviously, that customer is as good as lost.

Producing explicit, sharp, and easy-to-understand content offers value. It is possible to explain technical content in a simple, clear, and interesting manner with whiteboard videos.

How To Use Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos have innumerable uses. Salespeople and marketers use it to sell their products and services. Advertising firms may use it to create ads for their clients, while trainers use it to develop self-paced courses and tutorials.  

Whether the videos are used for business or learning, the goal is to communicate value and drive action.

Here’s how your business can benefit from interactive whiteboard videos:


Whiteboard videos are within reach for businesses of all sizes. And they can become an essential marketing asset if they are well harnessed.  

We get it!  Engagement metrics like shares, likes, the length of time that users watch the video are critical for marketers. These engagement metrics also influence content ranking. 

Whiteboard videos are proven to help marketers drive the most engagement for marketing content.  Here’s an example of a whiteboard animation video created by Spotify for their US promo launch.

Video Credits: YouTube

Whiteboard or Doodle sketch videos drive engagement 20 times more than a standard video.  That’s not all. Adding short doodle intros to videos can also help drive user engagement and Youtube rankings over the top.

Sales Pitches

If you are selling digital products such as online courses, eBooks, software products, or membership sites, whiteboard videos can offer immense value.  You can use Doodly whiteboard animation software to create sales pitches or video sales letters that increase conversions or drive sales. 

Whiteboard or Doodle videos are typically the highest converting video type available. That’s the primary reason why professionals charge thousands of dollars to create sales and marketing videos.

 Whiteboard videos are also a perfect choice for:

  • Creating explainer videos for your app or digital assets 
  • Illustrating and selling your eCommerce products on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Amazon, or your website, etc.


Advertising serves businesses holistically. And marketers that do it right reap massive gains.

Most successful businesses have explored social media advertising. Typically, almost everyone is on social media, and that’s where the viewership is.

digital around the world in 2020 viewership graphic

According to We Are Social,  about 3.8 billion people using different social media platforms globally. A community that’s growing this large represents a gold mine for marketers. 

Social media is engaging and interactive. It offers an opportunity for marketers to advertise their products and serve customers beyond global boundaries. 

With video-based content, you can get the best out of your social media advertising efforts. Plus, you can:

  • Create high-engaging explainer videos and other video content
  • Populate your digital channels and
  • Share the content to get your word out.

If you’re looking to create Facebook ads that will stop your potential customers from scrolling and pay attention to you, whiteboard videos can do just that.  Doodle videos have been proven to be extremely engaging; plus it easily sticks to your people’s memories.

Teaching and Training

Whiteboard animation videos are mostly used by trainers, teachers, educators, and companies to create informational content like:

  • Explainers videos
  • Study guides
  • Training modules etc.

Companies use explainer videos to introduce their company’s product or service or announce updates to existing functions. They can also be used as marketing and sales pitch, ads, or help and support guides. 

In education institutions, training, and resource centers, whiteboard videos amplify learning and improve memory and retention.

Percentage of teacher experience enhancement with video us

About 83 percent of teachers say using video enhances their teaching experience. By adding visual cues of what you’re teaching, your presentations will be much more engaging. And your viewers will retain more of what you’re teaching. 

One of the reasons why learning with whiteboard videos is very effective is that:

  • Students are not only listening and reading; they are also able to learn by watching. 
  • They present a more detailed and clear explanation of educational concepts.
  • Learners can replay the videos over and over again to get more insights and value from the content.

You can place your explainer videos on your landing page,  website’s home page, or the sales product page. As part of your marketing asset, these videos should be made available on your digital channels.


If you are a comedian or artist looking to create fun and expressive video content, a whiteboard video can help you achieve that. With intuitive and easy-to-use software like Doodly, you can create attention-grabbing and energized video content in a matter of minutes. 

Beyond creating fun videos for your friend’s birthday, whiteboard videos can also be used to:

  • Create content to inspire someone towards achieving their goals
  • Encourage someone to take action, such as donating to charitable causes.
  • Create videos that showcase art exhibitions, concerts, and entertainment events.

Investment Pitch

For entrepreneurs and startups looking to raise money or get investments for their business, having an impressive pitch deck is important. Yes, your fundraising toolkit is not complete without a video explaining your app, product, or solution. 

With a great pitch deck and explainer video, you can:

  • Get your potential investors excited about your idea. 
  • Build a favorable image in the minds of angel investors
  • Set the tone for an engaging conversation about your business, leading to an investment

A well-produced whiteboard video can crunch your concepts into memorable clips that will save you lots of time and help your business stand out.

Wrap Up

Whiteboard videos are valuable assets for businesses, marketers, and trainers. Unlike other content types, whiteboard videos are interactive and typically drive more engagements. More so, customers are more likely to interact and share them with their peers. 

If you are looking to drive conversion and sales for your product quickly, a whiteboard video is your best bet. 

Nowadays, whiteboard videos are digital, and creating them is relatively easy. With Doodly, you don’t need to spend tons of money on hiring a designer. You can create professional whiteboard videos and rake in revenues quickly.