The advent of video has changed the way we view and use products or engage with brands. Nowadays, consumers prefer to watch videos to purchase or learn about a product than read long lines of text. 

Even students prefer to watch videos explaining a concept rather than open textbooks to read about them.

You guessed right. It’s the age of video marketing. 

In today’s fast-paced world, whiteboard videos have become an excellent tool for communicating your product or service value. Even the growing popularity of online learning has further amplified the importance of doodle videos for creating effective learning experiences. 

Whiteboard videos bring drawing images and text to life on a white background or blackboard. They are engaging and persuasive, making it a suitable tool for sales, marketing, and training. 

If you are not harnessing doodle videos, then you are missing out. This article will highlight some of the reasons why whiteboard videos should be your number one marketing content. 

Let’s get to it.

8 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Use Whiteboard Animation Videos

1. Whiteboard Videos Build Customer Trust 

Whiteboard video graphic

Building trust is an essential recipe for business success. In today’s world, customers are exposed to tons of options, so they know what they want and how they want it. As a result, customers prefer to buy from brands they trust to deliver exactly what they need.

There’s no better way to communicate your brand offerings or build long-term customer relationships than using whiteboard videos.

Whether you sell products online or offline, videos enhance the buyers’ shopping experience. They further increase your chances of conversions or sales. 

For traditional businesses, doodle videos provide information that encourages customers to visit their storefront. It also gives customers a bird’s eye view of what to expect when they purchase these products. 

If you run an online business, you will most likely benefit more from creating whiteboard videos. 

Here’s what you should know. 

  • Online shoppers are bombarded with tons of similar products as yours.  
  • They also have a shorter time to make buying decisions.
  • Viewing images and video is their only opportunity to engage with the product before purchase. 

With whiteboard videos, your customers can get a clearer view of your product features and benefits and make the right purchase decision. 

But how do you use whiteboard videos to build customer trust? 

In most cases, customers are skeptical about buying products on the internet. And that’s because they are not sure if the product will meet their expectations or needs. However, 57 percent of shoppers agree that videos give them more confidence to make online purchases. 

During the initial engagement with customers, you can create whiteboard explainer videos that showcase your products, features, and benefits in a conversational form. Plus, your video should appeal to the buyer’s individual needs. 

However, it doesn’t end there. Winning customer trust or loyalty may require more than a single purchase.

According to PWC research, one in three customers say they will walk away from brands after one bad experience. Even more, customers trust, recommend and repeatedly buy from brands that offer seamless product experiences.  

After the initial purchase, your whiteboard videos should assist, educate and help customers achieve their goals. Self-help videos, FAQs, explainer videos can make a difference at this stage of the purchase journey. The goal is to continually improve user experience, gain trust and customer loyalty.

2. Whiteboard Videos Drive Conversions and Sales

Whiteboard conversions and sales sketch

If you are looking to drive sales for your product or services, whiteboard videos are the perfect marketing tool. And there is evidence to show how effective they are.  

Studies have shown that incorporating video into your sales and marketing campaigns increases conversion rates by 34 percent.  Furthermore, top B2B and B2C companies are using video to boost sales and conversions. I bet your competitors are probably using it too. 

Whiteboard videos target customers at every stage of their buying journey, from the awareness to the decision stage. During the awareness stage, whiteboard videos capture customer attention and boost your chances of selling products. 

After you have gained customer attention, a well-scripted whiteboard video should draw in your prospects and maintain their interest in your story or sales pitch. During the interest phase, go ahead and communicate your brand value, product features and offers, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Remember, your whiteboard video will not drive conversions or sales if it doesn’t address customer pain points.

How to harness whiteboard videos for conversions and sales. 

The beautiful thing about whiteboard video is that it captures tons of information in a few minutes and allows you to deliver them in an interesting manner. 

Whiteboard animation software like Doodly lets you create compelling explainer videos, sales pitches, and ads that boost conversions. Without hiring a professional designer, you can create video ads, upload them across multiple sales channels, and rake in sales. You can also communicate attractive offers, serve your ads to the right audience and create compelling call-to-action that boosts conversions.

Doodly is perfect for creating ads to sell digital products such as online courses, eBooks, software products, or membership sites. Merchants also use Doodly to create videos that promote eCommerce products on their website or other online marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. Whether your conversion goal is product signups, clicks video shares, or completed purchases, Doodly’s whiteboard video elements help you drive action.

3. Marketers Achieve Higher ROI with Videos

Percentage of business owner satisfaction

Advertising return on investment (ROI) is an important metric that helps marketers measure their campaign effectiveness. It tells you whether your marketing effort is profitable or yielding desired results. 

The ROI takes advertising costs like video production, ad spend, promotions, etc., into account. It also measures results like sales, conversions, impressions to determine if your investment in advertising is worth it. 

Whiteboard videos enable marketers to maximize their advertising ROI. And that’s because even with minimal investments, you can achieve maximum results.

Using whiteboard videos pays off big time. About 83 percent of businesses achieve a good return on investment with video marketing. Besides, you can use tons of video production tools to create engaging whiteboard videos without breaking the bank. 

To get you even more excited, Doodly helps you keep your production budget low. With this software, you no longer have to pay outrageous fees or wait for months for professional designers and videographers to create doodle videos for you. You’ll be able to create professional doodle videos with little or no design skills. 

Hiring voiceover artists can run into thousands of dollars and drive your production budget over the top. With Talkia, you don’t have to hire a professional voiceover expert for your video ads. 

The software allows you to create unique, professional, and human-like voiceovers. You can choose tons of male and female voices, adjust voice type, pitch and speed to give your video a unique and personalized touch.  

Doodly and Talkia are perfect for creating educational and training content, video sales letters (VSLs), marketing videos, inspirational videos, explainer videos, and more.

4. Whiteboard Videos are Memorable

Subscription offer whiteboard sketch

Brand recall and brand awareness are critical advertising objectives that help businesses stay ahead of the competition and achieve business success. 

The concept of brand recall refers to the likelihood that customers will remember your brand when searching for a product or service. Similarly, brand awareness also measures how often buyers remember or recognize your brand. 

For example, when you think of soda, you will most likely remember top brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

Potential customers may not buy your product when they are first exposed to your offer. However, they will remember your brand and most likely find out more information if you left a lasting impression during the first interaction. Studies have shown that about 80 percent of shoppers could recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Whiteboard videos help you improve brand recall because they stick to your customer’s memory. They also enhance brand awareness than audio and text combined.

But how do you use whiteboard videos to drive brand recall or awareness?

Creating memorable whiteboard videos begins with a compelling script and storyboard. If you want customers to connect to your brand, your script should address their pain points and how your solution meets their needs. 

Basically, you should put out whatever information you want them to remember about your brand in a simple and engaging way. 

You certainly don’t want to bore customers with all the unnecessary stuff. Else, you will lose their attention a few seconds into your video. 

Here is some of the information you must include in your video

  • Product and service features
  • Benefits and unique value proposition 
  • Guarantees that boosts customer confidence in your product
  • Track record of helping other customers solve their problems 
  •  Innovative or proprietary technology that’s built specially to solve their problems
  • Assurance and promise to improve their quality of life or work

Go ahead and add other things you want to stick to your shoppers’ minds forever. And you’d be glad you did. 

By combining powerful visuals, engaging voiceovers, narration, and background music, you can engage customers on a larger scale than other video types. Go ahead and harness the power of whiteboard videos to create a stunning first impression that sticks to your customer memories forever.

5. Customers Engage Better with Videos

customers love engaging with whiteboard sketch

Every day, we are exposed to tons of information, including text, image, audio, and video. However, video content has become the preferred type of content for students, shoppers, and professionals.  

But why has video gained so much traction?

Customers connect and engage more with video because they are super entertaining, exciting, and easy to digest quickly.  

Because our lives are too busy with activities, no one prefers to read a long text to get information about products. It’s simply boring and time-consuming. With product and explainer videos, you could simply watch the product in action, digest the story, and quickly make purchasing decisions. 

Videos are excellent learning and marketing. It captures a broader audience, and even the busiest professionals or students prefer to engage with it.

For video marketers or businesses, engagements may mean different things, including:

  • The length of time the viewers have watched the video or 
  • The viewer’s actions before, during, or after watching videos like video shares, likes, comments, or clicks on the call to action. 

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to measure your engagement. What counts is how it translates to value for your organization. 

If you want to capture audience engagement, whiteboard animation videos are your best bet. Whiteboard videos use a combination of multiple elements, music, text, and audio, to strike deep emotional connections and elicit customer action.

How to harness whiteboard videos to drive engagements.

Interestingly, people watch an average of 18 hours of online video weekly. This means that whiteboard video puts you in a better position to engage with your target audience. 

What makes it even more interesting is that video engagements like shares, likes, and comments amplify your brand and drive positive word of mouth for your business. 

However, you must remember that people share emotions and content they connect with, not facts. About 92 percent of video users agree they would share a branded video with friends and family if it were entertaining. 

That’s not all. Video content generates about 1200% more shares than image and text combined. Such an incredible opportunity to get referrals. Isn’t it?

We get it. Emotional connections may not immediately translate to sales, but they may boost brand recall and awareness. Plus, social shares can drive traffic to your site and further increase your chances of selling to more customers. So it’s a win-win situation. 

Now here’s your chance to amplify your brand. So take advantage of this by putting your best foot forward and creating a stellar impression with your whiteboard videos that are fun, interesting, and entertaining. 

Nowadays, whiteboard video tools like Doodly have everything you need to create inspiring and entertaining. So there’s absolutely no excuse to miss out on this opportunity to amplify your brand and engage with customers that matter to you.

6. Whiteboard Video Explains Everything

Doodly Whiteboard explainer video dashboard

Customers’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter by the day. It’s the age of technology. Thanks to the internet, customers now have lots of information and options at their fingertips. 

Using videos communicate brand value and offerings within a short time. Whether you are launching a new product or service or introducing a new feature, whiteboard videos tell your customers everything they need to know about the product. 

Beyond the initial purchase, video enhances shoppers’ knowledge about your product. It also increases the chances that customers who now know about your brand will repurchase your product. 

Creating explainer videos is a proven strategy that does the magic for new and existing businesses. About 94 percent of marketers agree that video increased shoppers’ understanding of their product or service.

Here’s what makes it more interesting. About 98 percent of customers say they’ve watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or service. This means that your whiteboard explainer video can help you achieve three things:

  • Increase sales for the product
  • Reduce customer complaints or support calls
  • Create referrals or positive word of mouth for that product

What’s more?  Explainer videos make it easy for teachers and trainers to explain complicated concepts. They simplify and bring concepts to life in a way that no other content type can. 

How can you use whiteboard videos to your advantage? 

Talking heads are no longer driving attention. Besides, lots of students think they are boring. 

Whiteboard animation videos are perfect for training because they are entertaining and simple to understand. Trainers prefer this video type because it drives curiosity and interest. It also enhances the cognitive processing of information during classroom and case study sessions. 

The videos you have created can also become valuable and memorable revision materials to look back on at exam time.

I guess you are buzzing to get started with whiteboard videos. For starters, Doodly has a fantastic catalog of education and training-related whiteboard video templates to help you get your project off the ground. By bringing Doodly into your classroom, you open the door to a visual, interactive, and incredible learning experience.

7. Mobile Users Love Videos

woman using her phone to watch a video

Mobile devices have become an everyday necessity, and their dominance will continue to soar. According to eMarketer, the average person in the US spends an average of three hours on their mobile phones per day. It’s no surprise as mobile phones break the barrier of time and space, thus allowing people to shop, learn, interact, communicate and earn.

That’s not all. 

Mobile technology has changed the dynamics of communication and consumer-brand interaction. Even mobile video marketing is driving impact for brands and marketers. 

When it comes to grabbing customer attention,  mobile video content does it all. About 98 percent of millennials watch videos on mobile daily. Furthermore, studies have also shown that mobile users engage more with video than desktop users. So if you are not using whiteboard videos, you miss an opportunity to reach, engage and convert customers on their preferred device. 

How can brands harness the power of videos to create incredible mobile experiences? 

Mobile captures customer’s full attention, at work, at home, or on the go. This means that brands like yours now have the opportunity to reach people anytime and anywhere. 

Although mobile customers are invested in video content, your content should be top-notch and deliver incredible experiences at every stage of their buying process. 

Whiteboard videos enable marketers to reach customers on their favorite devices. You can create in-the-moment experiences that boost conversions, sales, and repurchases.

First and foremost, you need to identify your target audience and their needs. Remember, your customers will quickly move on to the next video if it doesn’t appeal to them. 

Plus, spicing up your video with fun elements keeps your audience glued to the end. 

Be sure to optimize your video for a seamless and distraction-free viewing experience across multiple social media channels. Doodly whiteboard animation software allows you to create whiteboard videos that cater to different retail touchpoints and deliver omnichannel experiences. With this software, you can export your whiteboard animation videos in various file formats, sizes, and resolutions from web-ready to full 1080p HD. 

Whether you are looking to increase sales, signups, likes, shares, go ahead and use precise targeting and compelling call-to-action that deliver significant results. 

8. Videos Appeal to Customers Across Global Boundaries

hand holding a toy miniature earth globe

If you want to expand your business or launch your product to international markets, video marketing is your go-to strategy.  

Video content has a global viewership and certainly appeals to international audiences than audio or text.  For example, YouTube, one of the world’s largest search engines, is a leading destination for millions of people worldwide looking for great content. 

The stats say it all.

Beyond YouTube, other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok support video content and have global viewership. So you are spoilt for choices.

Whiteboard video is the perfect video type for engaging your overseas customers. With this video type, you can

  • Create videos in multiple languages, 
  • Tailor your content to suit their preferences and cultural disposition
  • Deliver your message in a way that drives engagement and conversions

How can businesses harness video to achieve results in international markets?

Expanding your business to international markets may present juicy opportunities for growth. However, success in local markets doesn’t automatically translate to winnings in global markets.

Your video content, strategies, and practices that were remarkably successful at home may not suit customers in different countries. That being said, you need a well-executed marketing strategy to achieve valuable results. 

Doodly whiteboard video software lets you create videos that are not only memorable but suitable for a global viewership. Thanks to the unique blend of visuals, narrations, and text, you can seamlessly connect with audiences who aren’t English speakers.

In addition, Doodly offers a wide range of features to help you tailor your videos for international audiences. You can:

  • Create male and female voiceovers and narrations that sound like real human voices in different languages 
  • Select different male or female hands in various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your video the perfect personalized touch
  • Create subtitles for your video in different languages and more. 

Final Words

There you have it. Whiteboard video is a powerful tool that delivers significant marketing results for brands and businesses of all sizes. 

Undoubtedly, video appeals to customers because they convey lots of information in a few minutes. The combination of narrations, visuals, and text gives your audience well-rounded experiences that are pleasant and memorable.

With whiteboard videos, you can capture customer attention, boost sales and increase conversions like social shares, sign-ups, and more. Even the busiest people watch videos, so you can target customers at every stage of their buying journey, provide help and support, build trust and customer loyalty. 

Even if you don’t run a business, you can still benefit from the conversion rates that whiteboard offers. Nonprofits use Doodly to create videos that inspire people to donate to social causes or commit to social responsibilities. Without hiring a professional designer, you can create high-converting videos and score your marketing goals.