Whiteboard animation is a video style in which characters are hand-drawn, and you see text being handwritten on a school whiteboard. It is a great tool to use when creating explainer videos, especially video ads. There are a lot of reasons why whiteboard animation is preferred by many when it comes to advertising. In today’s article, we will list down some of these reasons and we will also look at some video ads created using Doodly.

Let’s get started.


First on the list is the fact that it is fun to watch. It’s fascinating to see how a blank whiteboard comes to life as a hand draws each image. It keeps people guessing about what’s going on or what the image will be about. As you know, it’s essential to capture your audience’s attention right away, and Doodly is fantastic at doing that.


Despite its simplicity, whiteboard animation is just engaging to look at. It has that cute factor that is so easy to the eye. As the video plays, you find the hand stroke charming as it starts to write the texts on your board and draws your images.


The biggest problem in advertising is people’s attention span. According to a study, people can hold their attention for only eight seconds. This is found to be much shorter compared to previous years. The first 8 seconds of your content is very crucial. You have to capture people’s attention, get your audience hooked so they can watch the rest of your video. With whiteboard animation, you can input all essential details in your scenes, reveal each asset in less than a minute and get everything laid out in a short period of time.


Many people learn better by seeing something rather than just hearing or reading it. If your ad requires several details and you want people to understand your presentation quickly, then whiteboard animation is the best way to do this. In most cases, if you are watching a presentation with too many words, you will lose interest in finishing the presentation. Just thinking about it, it’s just so tiring to read. But with whiteboard animation, despite too many texts, people find it entertaining to see a hand writing each word. Thus, they read the text as the hand writes it. Plus, by having characters with funny gestures, your video ad will surely become a hit despite having too many words in it.


Creating an advertisement requires actors, a perfect set, a detailed script, and a behind-the-scenes team to edit the finished recording. And let’s not forget, you have to pay for everything. In short, it requires so much effort, time, and money just to get your product noticed by your target market. With whiteboard animation, all you need is software like Doodly. All you have to do is come up with a short script to promote your product, choose your characters, and start working on those scenes. It doesn’t cost as much as putting up production for advertising, but you get excellent output and an excellent result.


Whiteboard animation is perfect for social media uploads. With Doodly, you can customize your video size to match any social media platform. The videos are easily uploaded and shared online. It’s natural for people to enjoy whiteboard animation videos because they’re entertaining. It has that novelty factor, which explains why it’s easy to watch and like. It is also great for social media advertising. For a small fee, you can upload and boost your ad to reach a broad audience.


Let’s face it, some of the topics that we have to deal with might not be all that exciting. Complex topics tend to get a little boring to discuss. Legal documents, process steps for your customers, math and science concepts are just a few examples of the many things that are often done in a more formal way. Luckily, we have a whiteboard animation to make these topics engaging, simple, and fun. It effortlessly draws people’s attention, and you can’t just help but look!

These are just some of the many benefits of using whiteboard animation. A video ad is indeed a great way to reach out to your audience. If you are still using the old content format when creating an ad, it’s never too late to switch to whiteboard animation. It is cost-effective. You can create any theme you want; creativity is limitless. With the right script and a little humor, your video is set for success. 

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