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Voomly Cloud Including Doodly (Voomly Cloud)
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• ​FREE access to Standard versions of Doodly, Toonly, Talkia, People Builder, Pyks & Voomly

• ​UNLIMITED videos

• ​​UNLIMITED bandwidth

​• ​CUSTOM branding

• ​​4K & HDR player

• ​Video Sharing

• ​​UNLIMITED player skins & border skins 7TB cloud storage

• ​​UNLIMITED video funnels

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Here's What You're Getting:

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Shoot audience engagement to the stratosphere with simple, engaging whiteboard animations.

You'll also get Voomly Cloud

The all-in-one, drag-n-drop, video creation studio

On top of the awesomeness People Builder already provides, Voomly Cloud also gives you access to:

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Voomly allows you to create high-converting funnels with a push of a button – No coding or tech experience required.

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Use Toonly to create fun, engaging cartoon explainer videos for even the most difficult and boring subject matters for more conversions and sales.

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People Builder

Create custom characters for your Doodly videos with over 52,000,000 easy and unique combinations.

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Create amazing professional voiceovers without having to hire voice actors.

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Create stunning eCovers for your products and services in seconds (even if you've NEVER designed a single thing in your life.)

Everything You Get In Voomly Cloud:

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  • ​7TB Storage
  • ​Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ​Custom Branding
  • ​Unlimited Video Funnels
  • ​Analytics Included

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is Voomly Cloud different from any other video content platforms?

    Voomly Cloud is a suite of video content creation tools that enables anyone to create, host and stream engaging video content. Create animated explainer videos with Toonly, whiteboard animations with Doodly, text-to-speech voice overs with Talkia and more – all through Voomly Cloud. You can also stream the content you create in 4K Ultra HD quality and access the same content delivery network that Amazon Prime and Hulu rely on! Best of all, both Voomly Cloud and Voomly Pro feature UNLIMITED streaming bandwidth so your audience will be captivated by your videos and not slow buffering speed.

  • Can I cancel my Voomly Cloud account anytime?

    Yup! All of our plans are risk-free. And thanks to our money-back guarantee, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days. If you still want to keep Voomly, but don’t really need the added benefits, you can always downgrade to our other plans, too.

  • Am I going to have to deal with third-party ads playing before or during my videos on Voomly Cloud?

    Nope! We made sure all plans on Voomly Cloud keep your content clear of in-video ads. So you never have to worry about overlays, or pre-roll and post-rolls.

  • Is there a video limit with Voomly Cloud?

    There are no video limits with Voomly Cloud and Voomly Pro! Create unlimited videos with unlimited video players, player skins & border skins, bandwidth, and video funnels.

  • Do I automatically get cloud storage when I get Voomly Cloud?

    Voomly Cloud comes with 7 TB of cloud storage (and 10 TB for Voomly Pro) – that’s about 3,500 hours of HD video!

  • Can I customize my video player with Voomly Cloud?

    Yes! You can change the branding, video player controls, video skins, autoplay thumbnails and more when you use Voomly to stream your videos.