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Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you something I’m really excited about that’s going to help you take your doodle videos to that next level. It’s called the Doodly Elite Masterclass . It was created by award winning Doodler, Pamela Dimmick.

Now many of you probably know Pamela already from our Doodly Design Facebook group, as she’s a frequent contributor there. She’s also the only Doodly user who’s received multiple video awards from the annual Doodly design contest. Bottom line, she really knows her stuff.

And because of that, it was a no-brainer to invest in the creation of the Doodly Elite Masterclass. In the Masterclass. Pamela shows you how to create super-professional videos, using all the advanced tips and tricks that would take most people months—and maybe even years--to uncover on their own. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to admit, but even I learned things you could do with Doodly that I had no idea you could do.

These Tips Are Going to Help You Create Videos That Are

More Professional, More Visually Stimulating, and Far More Engaging to Your Prospects…

Meaning, they’ll be shared more often, watched longer, and ultimately, they’re going to get you much better results.

So, let me tell you what you can expect from the course. First off, it’s not going to bore you with the basics. You can find all that stuff for free by checking out the Doodly tutorials that are already online. Instead, this course picks up where those tutorials left off, teaching you the most advanced training methods you can use for creating absolutely incredible videos.

And although the training methods are advanced, you’ll find them very easy to follow because Pamela walks you step-by-step through every single thing she does.

Another reason you’re going to love this course is because Pamela’s devised all kinds of time-saving ways to do things using Doodly. With the course, you’re basically being given the opportunity to peek over her shoulder, so you can watch an expert doodler show you the best workarounds for stuff that very few people know about.

So let me tell you what you’ll get with the

Doodly Elite Masterclass.

It consists of 25 videos

Divided into 7 modules

that get progressively more advanced as you move forward in the course.


//    solid foundation

solid foundation

The first module is an intro to get everyone up to speed, and on the same page. After that, you’ll begin the asset management module. This module creates a solid foundation for what’s to come later. It’s where you’ll learn everything you need to know about managing assets and creating complex scenes--for example, by timing characters and props to appear in a video at just the right moment, so they correspond with your voiceover.


//    elements module

elements module

Once you’ve finished that, you’re ready to move on to the backgrounds, sidebars, borders, and frames module. These elements are crucial for making your videos pop.

So in this module, you’ll learn how to make a background or logo appear in every scene. You’ll also learn fading techniques you can use to lighten or darken a background sky, for example. Plus, you’ll discover how to create borders, frames, and sidebars to make your videos way more visually appealing.


//    asset sourcing

asset sourcing

The next module is asset sourcing, where you’ll learn how to source and create your own graphics—even if you can’t draw a stick figure. Pamela will teach you several ways—both free and paid—for finding characters, props, and even chalkboard images you can add to the Doodly assets you already have.


//    powerpoint assets

powerpoint assets

Plus, you’ll learn Pamela’s super-simple method for creating literally hundreds of new Doodly assets using Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll even learn how you can create an asset from a hand-drawn image you scribbled on a piece of your own paper!


//    advanced drawing paths

advanced drawing paths

In the 5th module, Pamela teaches you some really fun stuff you’ll want to use all the time in your Doodly videos. You’ll learn how you can control the way a drawing comes to life with advanced drawing paths.

You’ll also discover how to add color to your assets, how to crop characters, and how to work with layered drawings. Plus, Pamela will show you how to add depth to scenes by adding drop shadows to text and images.


//    animation module

animation module

Then, it’s on to the animation module. Here’s where you’ll learn how you can make assets fade in and out, how to create rolling credits, and how to make objects grow, shrink, shatter, fly, or reveal themselves slowly, one piece at a time.


//    final module

final module

Finally, you’ll be ready for the last module of the course. Here’s where you’ll learn how to create square and vertical videos you can use on social media. You’re also going to learn how you can display a regular video within a Doodly video—and vice versa.

Plus, Pamela will show you advanced tactics for working with audio. For example, you’ll discover how to prevent music from drowning out your voiceover, how you can add sound effects to your video, and how to shorten a music file so it fits your video--without sounding like it cuts off abruptly,

So that’s a brief overview of some of what’s in the Masterclass. It actually covers much more than that. And in case you’re wondering, Pamela relies on Doodly for most of the stuff she teaches in the course. When she has to use other software to create an effect, she uses free software whenever possible.

Bottom line, this course is going to be really valuable to you. Not only is it going to help you create Doodly videos that are even better than the ones you’re creating now, but it’ll also save you an absolute ton of time.

Think about it. You won’t have to bang your head against the wall, spending hours and hours trying to figure this stuff out—for a lot of people, that alone is going to make the course well worth your time.

OK, so you’ve heard me say the course is great, but I’m sure you’re wondering what other people think about it.

You’ll be happy to hear that the course has gotten rave reviews from Doodly users just like you.

A few of them were so excited about the opportunity to learn directly from Pamela that they asked me if they could buy the course before I’d even made the course publicly accessible. I let them and so far, the feedback’s been amazing.

OK, by now you’re probably wondering how you can get the course.

I have great news for you… You can access the full, 25 video, Doodly Elite Masterclass by clicking on the button below. And all for a price that can easily pay for itself in a few minutes, with all of the additional customers and clients that your professional doodle videos will absolutely attract.

And it’s such an incredible value when you consider all the time and effort Pamela put into creating the entire course.

Videos, by the way, that show you (in great detail) how to do tons and tons of really cool, advanced things with Doodly … things that will make your videos so much more engaging and help you propel your online business. That alone will make this very small one-time investment, well worth it.

But the videos aren’t even the only thing you’re going to get with the course. The course also comes with a special bonus—15 additional files Pamela created that you can use alongside Doodly to save you time. These files are the same ones she uses throughout the course, and they’re designed to make it easier for you to work with scenes and assets.

So, when you replicate the things you’ve learned in the course, you won’t have to start from scratch. For example, when you’re designing scenes or altering characters, you’ll already have the tools Pamela created, making it easier and faster for you to do advanced things with Doodly. Again, these are a free bo nus that you’ll get when you access the Masterclass.

So, to gain access to the Doodly Elite Masterclass, just scroll below this video and click the button now.

Let me tell you why you’re not going to want to wait to do that. The course is brand-new and while I’m currently offering it for a low, entry-level price, I was really on the fence about it. Honestly, the current price is much lower than the 2 prices I’ve considered. If the demand for the course is as overwhelming as I expect, we’ll probably raise the price in the future. But by acting today, you’ll lock in the current low, 1-time price.

So, go ahead and click the “Order” button below, right now, to learn how you can take your videos to the next level with advanced Doodly techniques.

Once you’ve submitted your payment, you’ll receive immediate online access to the entire course. Also, the time-saving bonus files I mentioned will be available in the lower righthand corner of your screen, once you reach the lesson they’re used in.

Thanks for your time, everyone! I can’t wait to check out your doodle videos after you’ve gone through the Doodly Elite Masterclass.

order the masterclass

Instant Access From Anywhere In The World