Chromebook Compatibility
I know someone else suggested, but I cannot find it now. Please work on having Doodly compatible with Chromebooks.

BREENA Dietrich shared this idea 18/11/19 19:13
Hether Shaw 06/04/20 17:38
Milap Patel 17/08/20 15:18
Highly recommend making it compatible with Chromebook please.
Venus Chua 21/10/20 03:42
More and more people are using Chromebook, hope to get it Chromebook-friendly!
TG Stewart 27/01/21 15:05
I run two online businesses with a Chromebook and I have wanted Doodly for months. Making Doodly compatible with Chromebook increases your market potential to millions of additional users.
Anthony buree 17/03/21 14:57
Hi I have a marketing company and we are all in the Google ecosystem, and this would be beneficial for us.