Linux version
How about a Linux version that will run on say, Peppermint 9 operating system?

Capice shared this idea 13/11/18 08:02
Svend Gundestrup 27/11/18 07:54
Have you tried to running it via Crossover on linux?
Dimitrios Kyriakis 14/02/19 09:02
Yes why not its a very good idea what takes so long gggggg...
Anna Pekkenen 30/04/19 16:13
I tried to install Doodly with Wine on Ubuntu with no success))) I need it very much))
gastre 15/06/19 09:46
please, linux version
Michael W Krier 13/08/20 02:14
All we get is a "Declined"? No admin explanation from doodly?
Michael W Krier 13/08/20 02:15
Also this isn't letting me vote. I click on vote and no matter how many, 1,2,3, the vote count doesn't change.
Monica A. Mellini 04/09/20 22:00
I'm ready to buy immediately when there is a Linux version