Adding support for Unicode in Hindi fonts
Doodly doesn't support unicode. Please add this support too.

Amarjeet Singh shared this idea 29/11/19 13:32
Chandrashekhar Yadav 10/05/20 09:51
many peoples waiting Hindi fonts to doodly also I'm waiting I hope doodly will consider all about it.
Ashish Shrungarpure 21/11/20 14:49
Ashish Shrungarpure 21/11/20 14:56
Yes, Hindi fonts in the text box need to integrate the feature from subtitles. When I use words like जन्म​, जिम्मेदारी, इप्रिल​, यत्र​, तत्र​, सर्वत्र​, etc. in the text box, they are not correctly placed. Whereas the same words show the correct format in the subtitles. I think if the Doodly team enables the subtitle font style in the text box for Hindi, the work is done.
Dheeraj Kumar 29/12/20 17:00
Doodly listens to everyone. Let us wait for our turn..
Sweekar Info Media 02/02/21 13:25
Needed Unicode in the text... it is very important if we can have that... this will increase the market to all Indian languages e.g., Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi and many more...