Add "custom background color" to Glassboard, similar to same feature already available on other backgrounds
BACKGROUND: Glassboard style is fantastic when simulating hand-drawn text (or images) on windows and similarly transparent objects. Because the hands are flipped and behind the text, it really nails the illusion of drawing onto glass from behind.. love it! PROBLEM: The only background color available when using "glassboard" is solid WHITE, making it less easy/clean to key out when bringing the rendered doodle into an NLE. ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Add the "custom color" controls to the "Glassboard" style background, similar to the controls available when choosing "custom" as the background style. This would allow users to set an easily chroma-keyable blue or green back on their glassboard drawings.

Red-Rob Rothkopf shared this idea 27/12/19 02:19