Business Women in Pants
The women in Doodly are either very casual, (too casual to use in a business video), or in a skirt or dress. Please provide business women in pants.

Hayley Andersen shared this idea 02/01/20 20:26
Linda Mahoney 06/01/20 12:13
Also actually label them women. As a user of non-Enterprise Doodly, I have a limited number of characters available. If I search for "woman", most of the figures are covered with a lock symbol, but if I search for "girl" there are plenty of characters available for use that appear to be female adults.
Admin 30/06/21 15:25
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/373/female-professionals-needed-in-slacks-suits-not-just-dresses-for-the-21st-century