Highlighting like Bikablo
In traditional flipchart presenting you can use the Bikablo method (https://bikablo.com) to emphasize drawings. Likewise the request for underlinig text (which was the first thing I was looking for as I started using Doodly) this could be very helpful for better audition response. In fact it would be nice to have the possibility to use a different stroke on some selected vectors of the image. If not like this, maybe a frrehand pencil with different pencil tips to make use of our surface pens ;).

Raven shared this idea 20/01/20 15:00
Admin 21/01/20 20:53
This feature has already been requested. Kindly submit your vote and thoughts here: doodly.com/requests/home/idea/489/provide-a-way-to-underline-and-highlight-words-in-text