Name of audio file visible when hovering over with mouse
Currently, you have no idea which music file you have included in your video. I created a video with an audio file named: "A New Dawn". 4 weeks later I had to change that video and it became longer. So I wanted to add the same music file at the end of the first one to cover the whole video with the same music, but no way to know what the name of the audio file was which I selected originally. So I had to listen to lots of music tracks to find the same audio file again. Cumbersome! It would be good to see the name when hovering over with the mouse. ( as you can't delete music files - integrity covered. )

Eric shared this idea 04/02/20 10:47
Admin 04/02/20 20:43
We've reviewed your request and upon further checking it appears to be a duplicate of an existing one located here - 
https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/178/add-ability-to-view-filenames-in-all-assets-used-in-a-project-including-audio We recommend giving the link above an upvote to boost the likelihood of it being considered for a future release.