Posibility to select the color of the scene canvas
Currently, the canvas is by default the color os the selected video type. But one should be able to select the scene canvas color. At the moment if you want to do this you must first upload a picture with the color you want the background of your scene to look like and make sure it is put in 'Send Backwards' mode. Please foresee a color selection function for the scene background color, that would make things easy. If possible with an eyedrop function so that when you have a picture that has a specific color background itself, you can use the eyedrop the select the color of the picture background to select the scene background color, as such aligning scene background to the background colors used in the picture.

Eric shared this idea 07/02/20 13:18
Admin 07/02/20 21:04
Hi! You do have the option to change the background color from the settings.