Can not see the "apply" button when making changes in scene settings.
I am using my laptops for all my work. I always set my laptop's screen resolution to be recommended one so that I can get best resolution in my development. Hence, I also have to set the text size of the Display settings to be as big as possible, for example 175%. In such situation, I couldn't see the "apply" button when setting "scene settings". If so, then I can't save my scene setting changes. If I want to see the "apply" button, then I have to change my Windows Display settings and use smaller text size. If so, I have trouble to clearly and easily see the text shown on the screen and/or I entered. I hope you can make your app's window sizable with scroll bars like any windows in Microsoft Windows. If so, then we won't have problem that we can't see some components in your app.

Yihpyng Kuan shared this idea 08/02/20 15:13