Color Character overlay
Allow one asset to be drawn over a second asset without erasing the first asset. (Selectable option in Asset settings). The application would be to draw an outline of a figure, followed by drawing a colored fill of the same figure - which is placed directly on top of the first. This would give the effect of drawing a figure and then coloring in the figure. Currently it is not possible to do this without turning off the erase mode in global settings. I have created an example in my first video "test"

Alan Beasy shared this idea 16/11/18 03:32
Derek Carlin 21/07/19 18:08
yes, I would like something like that. For me am thinking a "drawn" wireframe of a web page that then colors in the screenshot version of it. Might mean having to create some kind of "link" between assets that want that behavior (do not erase "me" (prop) when drawing my linked asset). Is a fairly common graphical treatment to draw a skeleton and then fill it in with details, so would be a feature used by many?
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:35
It would also be nice if we could use the face of one character over the body or activity of another character. For example one characters head on the shoulders of another character. It would be nice that when a character is on the board, that it would be possible to widen or narrow them. Right now, they remain proportionate and only shrink or enlarge.