Compatible on Apple iPad Pro
Software currently only working on Windows and Mac, but not IOS on Apple iPad or Phone. The Apple iPad Pro - you can use an Apple Pencil, which allows free text, drawing images etc. Doodly Software will work great on these IOS devices as a lot of sales representatives/marketers use Apple iPads. It is easy to carry around and quick to access, which will increase your uptake to make use of the Doodly Software, you will definitely attract more Doodly customers/users.

Monya Erasmus shared this idea 16/02/20 06:52
Admin 18/02/20 20:31
https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/357/ipad-pro-version - Please vote here and include additional information in the comments.
john serjeantson 25/03/21 05:08
would be great to have doodly on ipad personally will be using ipad as main computer to would love to have access to this great resource.