make End User License Agreement savable
When a new Doodly version is released, the user is shown an End User License Agreement dialogue and is prompted to check an "I agree" box before proceeding with the upgrade. However, it is more than 50 small pagefuls of print to scroll through, and it can't be cut and pasted into a text editor for easier reading/saving. Also, there is no indication if there have been any license changes since the last version. I suggest that any of the following be done, in order to help the end user know what they are agreeing to: - a button be added to the EULA dialogue to allow the user to print/save the EULA - Ctrl-C/context menu Copy item be made available - the EULA be automatically saved to the local Doodly installation directory - a link to the EULA appear somewhere (perhaps under the Help menu) - if the EULA at https://www.doodly.com/terms/end-user-agreement/ is the current one, have some notice appear on the page indicating that it is current and/or applies to Doodly versions X.X.X through Y.Y.Y.

Linda Mahoney shared this idea 19/02/20 08:42