Change colors used in Rainbow Addon
Add the ability to change the individual colors of item within the Rainbow addon.

Martin Brinkley shared this idea 20/02/20 14:08
Tony Watson 31/05/20 03:07
Just got Rainbow and some of the chosen colours are unusual or doesn't match my video style. Would be great to change these as I see fit.
Kee Nai Hoe 08/06/20 08:11
Worth to get Doodly Rainbow if we are able to choose colors.
Lenin Collado 30/08/20 03:52
Sería una excelente opción poder personalizar los colores.
Eric M 29/09/20 16:34
Same here. This is much better with color, but I would like to be able to change the presets.
Mathilda Hauptfleisch 11/12/20 10:41
Yes will definitely like to be able to change Rainbow addon prop colors as they do not always fit into the existing scene colors.
Subhajit Panja 04/07/21 13:36
This feature is much needed