Maths equations
An object to display maths equations so you can build up an explanation/tutorial.

Simon Price shared this idea 17/11/18 18:48
Richard Genck 27/12/18 18:18
Just use the text box?
Robert Schmid 11/02/19 17:17
And graphing!
Julia Frank 27/06/19 23:45
More math and physics symbols and graphics for college-level math and physics tutorials would be invaluable!
Len Kwok 04/08/19 15:20
Get in touch with Equatio. They are a google partner who can integrate math into any website, so Doodly doesn't have to do it from scratch
Samirbhai 27/09/19 12:41
Please integrate MathType or Microsoft Equations or similar.
Andrew McCabe 25/10/19 18:33
Couldn't you simply use text and type it out, or copy and paste it from the source material?
Dzvux 29/01/20 16:51
This would be amazing
Todd Richard Craver 17/04/20 16:52
Please add ways to incorporate math equations more easily.
Boris Artemieff 19/05/20 13:33
Pretty please!
Kevin Skinner 23/05/20 10:05
Copy/Paste from an alternative equation editor isn't ideal, some symbols are reverted back to basic text. Some more compatibility with perhaps Microsoft Word's Equation Editor would be perfect.
mansour ansari 29/05/20 20:51
A math symbol library much appreciated for teaching math and physics.
Maureen O'Donoghue 16/06/20 08:40
I teach maths and this would allow me to make much better use of Doodly.
Nick Bornschein 17/06/20 09:51
Hi, working with Doodly for some days, preparing / testing our complete eLearning with it. Math symbols and equations are really a neccessary feature, since we are a data science company, equations are a fundamental part of our videos. How are the plans for that feature? To answer some questions here: you can't copy&paste symbols or equations from other sites, since copy & paste doesn't work for all symbols and does not work for equations.
Vijai K 22/06/20 14:49
what is the latest update on this?
Dave Barry 26/06/20 12:35
Dave Barry 26/06/20 12:36
Fleecy Moss 20/07/20 19:26
I am a maths teacher new to Doodly but need this feature if I am to use it as my default video lesson generator (equation editor and graphing tool). I am going to experiment with latex -> svg exports but some sort of integrated product would be better.
Julie Mason 21/07/20 18:47
Need to use root function and powers of 2,3,4,5 and also fractions
Jerry L Ramirez 17/08/20 13:03
Please consider adding a feature on math and chemistry symbols.
Waly Rodriguez 23/09/20 12:33
I totally agree. In the midst of the crisis created by the covid-19 pandemic, education is a challenge. Teachers need effective methods of learning
pollycarp mulima 01/10/20 05:29
please work on this guys. thanks
Fekri SALEH 10/10/20 18:50
it will be amazing
Jonathan Zall 22/10/20 16:56
An idea on "drawing" the equation: if you can inject the LaTex script for equations, the drawing path could just follow the script for the equation, for example: (x)\sin(40)={5\over{x}}(x) in LaTex would be animated left to right with the "5" then the dividing line then the "x" in the denominator then finally the last "x".
Cal Stanley 27/10/20 03:36
Apparently math is not on the top of Doodly's agenda
Mathilda Hauptfleisch 11/12/20 10:27
Will be a great idea for maths eLearning material!
Thad E Starner 14/12/20 03:47
I am considering Doodly for some of my Georgia Tech classes. I really need equations for teaching. The Latex suggestion below would be great for me!
Edson Valle 16/12/20 14:02
I think that the equation feature would increase the number of Doodly users. Beyond, math teaching with Doodly would be much funny.
Oguz Can 21/12/20 18:35
must add subscript, superscript
Muhammad Yousaf 14/01/21 19:59
Please add Mathematics fonts for Formula, equation and symbols with advance level ( Draw & None Options)
Muhammad Yousaf 14/01/21 20:01
Need Update of Cambria Fonts with full updates for equations.
Muhammad Yousaf 14/01/21 20:01
Need mathematics Fonts with draw option
Jaffar 14/01/21 20:27
Need to upload Cambria Fonts with full functions & Equations.
Morganwell 15/01/21 02:30
The advance fonts need for drawing option.
Morganwell 15/01/21 02:36
It is requested that put the One important feature of copy equations with below division ➗ mark from Microsoft word or powerpoint and past it into doodly. Also need more symbols option. I will be very thankful to you for this feature.
Atif kaleem 15/01/21 02:41
I need equations for tutorials of mathematics with advance function.
Jan alam 15/01/21 02:44
Yes this right option.
Jack Chang 28/01/21 03:13
I support this idea as well. What is the latest update for this request?
Chris Johnson 01/02/21 22:55
it is important
Manuel Garcia 01/02/21 22:57
Ben O'Neill 06/03/21 06:47
I would like to use this product to make mathematics lectures. Adding equations (e.g., using equation editor) would be wonderful!
Luis Albornoz 27/03/21 19:29
Yo solo espero que se agregue esta función para comprar Doodly
Matthew Stough 28/03/21 21:07
Yep, this would be nice for education videos for many fields.
[email protected] 30/03/21 21:47
mathjax may be a good choice.
Asia Anwar 14/04/21 01:19
I also want this feature
pollycarp mulima 08/09/21 20:09
yes. this would be great