Allowing export/import of users’ characters/props
Allowing users to export/import their own characters/props with custom paths.

Denis Bastien shared this idea 18/10/18 16:51
Robert Frazier 18/10/18 17:36
Yes! This is the most-needed new feature.
Wayne McHugh 18/10/18 21:59
This is linked to my suggestion of a "Sharable" flag on custom users' resources, so they can be browsed, searched and imported, all inside Doodly.
Wayne McHugh 20/10/18 02:26
An important part of this feature is that the dimensions resulting from export and import (assuming no resizing has happened in the meantime) will appear the same size in Doodly as the original when placed on the canvas..
Capice 13/11/18 08:03
Yes please
Matt Horsley 30/11/18 22:03
I posted a similar request but still posted it as i would like this expanded upon. Allow exporting / inporting of entire scenes and videos on top of props.
John Unitt 06/12/18 02:32
Ros Betts 10/12/18 07:15
Would love to see this feature of exchange ...
Marty Hawkins 10/12/18 19:10
A very good feature!
Harold Ward 11/12/18 01:03
Colleen Harvey 13/12/18 23:57
Good collaborative idea
Peter Malling 27/12/18 08:44
I second this idea strongly. If production of assets could be made a collaborative thing the usefulness of this excellent software could be increased tremendously. However, not only import/export, but actually being able to upload them on Doodly's servers so that they'd be available for immediate download within the program for other users. Also, you could make an incentive system so that artists producing assets got payment according to the number of times an asset was used within such an ecosystem.
Kay Thornton 08/01/19 23:28
I also want to upload my own images and make a custom path. In other words, customise the path so the hand follows to reveal my own image.
Robert Reid 14/01/19 00:39
Without this the app will stall, we should be able import a cartoon image of us or our objects or scenes
Heidi Brown 02/02/19 03:23
I would love to be able to add my own scenes and props. Would really expand the way I'd be able to use this for my business and for doing lectures. Thank you!!
Joel Moran 05/02/19 11:46
Could somebody please explain to me, how this is different from "adding" assets into doodly? Export is clear, this feature is not (yet) available in doodly; but import of characters seem to me very much like adding an asset. What am I missing?
Rodrigo Alexandre Panepucci 17/02/19 21:06
This feature would be great! The community would flourish! If an exchange forum is created within Doodly, the current users would rapidly increase the number of figures. This would be very attractive for potential new users.
Bala Chalasani 24/03/19 19:47
This is definitely the most needed feature. We need the ability to add multiple characters or props with the names defaulting to the file name.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 26/03/19 15:58
Doodly has long way to go! they have to fasten their development.
eric lennep 02/04/19 23:49
If export means the ability to select an image/scene/prop/character and copy (to clipboard) or save as a file that can be edited by the graphic tool of my choice I strongly agree.
Jeff Brohamer 10/04/19 19:02
Extremely Important!! Must have...
Cherely Bermudez 20/05/19 04:56
Carla Pamela Tejos Baeza 25/05/19 23:33
yo quiero por favor
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:17
Very needed feature.
Jerry Smith 11/01/20 15:11
I am hoping this way this is planned - it will allow for the import (of a previously loaded object) to REPLACE the existing. Currently when loading objects, if I load one, then determine it's inadequate have to edit externally then reimport... it duplicates that object with the same name (at least that was the case with voice objects). Perhaps when loading the object... the tool could do an assessment of the imported "name" then ask....replace or rename?
James R. Henry 05/02/20 20:45
I agree this would be a very useful feature for those designers who'd like to create our own!
tMtFQiRt 20/03/20 13:41
jose luis gomez gonzalez 21/06/20 02:01
we all need this
Denis 14/12/20 00:20
Yes, a feature that's definitely needed
hao 29/05/21 08:56