Increase Window Size for "Reveal Paths" Slider
Currently you can only see 1 1/2 to 3 of the names of the "Reveal Paths" that you add in the Right Action Bar. It would be much nicer if the scrolling area was bigger, or could be dragged to be bigger so that you can quickly cycle through all the draw paths you've added. When you're doing 50+ draw paths for a single asset and realize you'd like to move one further up or down, because it would be more natural being drawn at a different time, it's currently very difficult to find the correct spot. If the window were bigger (say big enough to see 6-8 named draw paths at a time) life would be a little easier.

Brandon Zitting shared this idea 17/11/18 19:19
Pamela Keegan 18/05/19 10:26
Yes, this is very annoying!