Copy/Paste Paths and Export PNG Sequence
I would like to make a suggestion to the development team: The option to copy Paths from one drawing and copy to another. I recently made an art and the client asked me to change the color, I had to redo all the Paths. And I also didn't find a way to export the animations to PNG sequence with the alpha channel (transparent background). These are functions that, in my view, are essential for me to abandon the competitor *****, and I will be very happy if you can add them. Congratulations to the entire Doodly team. P.S: Forgive my English, I'm from Brazil.

Edson Biral Da Silva shared this idea 09/03/20 22:31
Admin 10/03/20 19:56
Hi! This feature has already been requested. Kindly visit here to submit your vote. https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/209/copy-draw-paths-from-one-identically-dimensioned-asset-height-width-in-pixels-to-another