Ability to play more than one sound
It would be great if we could play a music track for the background, have a narration, AND add occasional sounds effects as things happen in the video.

Shawn Clark shared this idea 21/11/18 01:31
Marcus Farmer 19/01/19 15:20
This can be done by adding another lane for sounds... Then we would have a music track, a narration track, and an effects track. Would be awesome and I need that right now.
Marcus Farmer 19/01/19 15:21
Just thought about it... You can also provide an option for items to enter in with a sound effect (and of course the ability for us to set/upload the sound effect of choice)
Jenny 28/02/19 23:03
Yes I agree. I added a suggestion to include a third audio timeline, didn't see this suggestion.
Admin 09/04/20 20:54
You can now add multiple Audio track areas in the timeline.