Change color of imported SVG File Lines
When you import a asset in SVG format, you can use the edit tool to automatically generate paths. However, you cannot change the color of the lines as you can with assets from the Doodly library. I would expect this would be a relatively easy change to implement. This would make importing custom assets more valuable. The work around is the set the color before importing.

Mark Brownhill shared this idea 24/03/20 14:22
Andrea Fryer 07/12/20 21:10
This is the number one thing causing me a massive amount of extra work right now. I have a set of assets that I need to reuse in various colors. Since I can't change the color of the SVG, it forces me to import multiple versions of the same asset, which in turn forces me to work the paths for all over and over again. I would imagine that since the SVGs are vectors, changing the color from Asset Settings panel should be relatively simple.