New "Deliver" option to complement "Share"
Create a "Deliver" option that assigns the asset to the account whose email address is supplied. The asset would disappear from the sender's library, and appear with full control in the receiver's library. Rationale 1: Within the User Group there are people doing asset creation jobs for others. They can do this because of the share feature, but the creator keeps the master, and control of the master. This Deliver option would allow proper delivery of the finished job, the receiver becoming the owner as they want to be. Rationale 2: This dovetails in with another suggestion of mine, to create interest groups. The account collecting assets for a particular interest group could have assets delivered to it by those contributing. If contributors want to maintain control of their contribution they would share, but if they want to add it to the collection they would deliver.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 23/11/18 02:54
Wayne McHugh 27/11/18 02:55
In addition, consider "Deliver Project", so a project can be handed over to another user. Could be useful within companies, also a means of users helping each other or sharing something they've done at the project level. Copy project - Deliver would be a way of sharing a project.