Panning / Zooming needs to have same precision controls as other features
I've seen some videos doing side-scrolling storytelling. As the video progresses, the canvas scrolls to the right. This is possible with the existing panning/zooming controls, but is tremendously difficult. The difficulty arises because you can't specify the X & Y coordinates and height & width of the window. Visually drawing the square makes it very hard for you to ensure that the start and the end windows are of the same dimensions. Panning/zooming should also allow you to draw a rectangle instead of forcing you to draw a square.

Clayton Menezes shared this idea 02/04/20 18:08
איתיאל אהרונסון 30/09/20 10:09
IT WOULD BE NICE if the camera window would apear on the canvas itself, so you could see in better details, exactly what is in the zoomed earea and what is out