improving the point allowance on SVG's for doodly to at least 10 X more allowed before it locks up
I am an Image designer and administrator of a group on Facebook doing png's but would like to do them in SVG's for the group so they would not have to do the paths but I have had trouble getting my images onto doodly because the points allowance is between 20 to 30 and at most 50 before doodly locks up now if it could do 500 points or more then my intricately detailed pictures could possibly be used and drawn by the app it is a shame that I can't use them as it would help so many of those who want free detailed images

Anthony Smith shared this idea 02/04/20 22:53
Italo Aranda Oyarce 03/04/20 00:49
this would be so heplful to everyone, it could save thousands of hours spended!! I hope they can make it