Change colour of one word in a sentence
There are times when it is necessary to highlight one or two words in a sentence. It would be great to not have to create a separate text box, line it up on the screen, change the colour, and then complete the sentence with another text box - going through the exact same process again. It isn't bad doing this for only item, but when you have several slides that need this, it adds quite a bit of time to the editing process.

Lori Prentice-van Luven shared this idea 18/10/18 17:01
Rob Allen 04/12/18 19:28
John Unitt 10/12/18 23:16
Harold Ward 11/12/18 01:01
Good idea.
Marie Egyed 13/12/18 14:06
Great idea!
Sonia Veelenturf 27/12/18 05:50
I use an *asterisk* to highlight certain words, but a different colour would definately work better.
Doug Spicher 28/12/18 09:00
Need BOLD and ITALICIZE as well
John J Deltuvia Jr 05/01/19 17:31
If you do this, while you're at it... :) it'd be nice to have other text effects by word as well. Doug suggested bold and italicize, and the original suggestion was color; I'd also suggest drop shadow (there was a workaround on the group and I use it, but again, a bit annoying), glow, bevel, emboss... you get the picture. No sense opening up the code on text controls to do one thing only to open it up again next month to do another.
Patricia Linder 28/01/19 13:42
Would also love to see Bold, Underline, and Italicize options!
Sam Raslan 02/02/19 09:11
Yes agree. would be good to make it bold as well.
Jasmin Gabriel 03/02/19 11:23
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:19
Nick Felton 11/02/19 22:44
Definitely. The capacity to emphasise or highlight specific words would be great!
[email protected] 13/02/19 00:02
Lina Lawrence 22/03/19 11:29
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 22/03/19 15:39
Good suggestion. Liked it.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 20:57
good feature
Jeff Brohamer 10/04/19 19:13
Color + bold allows marketing to draw users to important concepts or ideas.
Stefanus 22/04/19 12:52
Color, Bold, Underline, Italic
Daisy Baylon 24/04/19 00:00
Voting for the ability to change the Font style, and having Color, Bold, Underline, Italic too! without deleting the old text box and creating a new one will definitely save time!
John Shoemaker 13/06/19 22:57
Yes, this and more! Please allow us to edit text properties for each letter in a Text box. That's how real-life is, and this would help us a lot.
Roxana FITCH 30/06/19 17:04
To this I would add being able to change the lettering to cursive, bold, strikeout and underlined.
Bakhter Sani 08/07/19 10:32
It would be awesome
Sabrina Peters 22/07/19 14:25
Ability to color in the word not just outlined, Its hard to read sometimes and would be easier if can "BOLD" or fill in the word with color
Ruud van Wijngaarden 02/08/19 20:41
Also having a different font (like an italic version) on one word would be the same kind of useful!
Geoff Robertson 27/08/19 03:56
Not only the color of one word, but also the FONT.
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 17:37
This is one of the must have features.
Blair Brown 02/10/19 11:56
Paul Bleby 14/10/19 23:26
This feature would be so useful.
Paul Bleby 14/10/19 23:28
Subscript and superscript too.
Tanveer ul Islam 23/11/19 12:48
Hi Lori, thanks for sharing this idea, it is much required and will spice up our videos, Thanks
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:31
It would be great
Torleif Donnestad 19/12/19 14:18
Sometimes a contrast color is also needed to distinct part of the text, not necessarily a word, from its background.
paradon 12/01/20 09:10
I agree. It's important.
Willa Truter 14/01/20 04:53
would love this
Deborah Barnett 04/03/20 13:59
Definitely on the top of my list!
Gabrielle Grimes 01/04/20 20:51
Great idea, also with italicized, bold, and underline
MAANAFLOR CIOCSON 03/04/20 11:12
Yes, I need it as well
Shane Fryer 20/04/20 07:20
It would be to be able to change the font overall of specific words, as this can allow you to have a large title word with sub-items that are smaller in font (or color), without the need to create different text boxes and align, etc.
Prabhu Atluri 13/05/20 00:50
agreed. a must have option..
Lyn Battersby 25/05/20 00:46
I love this idea and voted as such, but in addition, as an English teacher, I *need* a bold, italicise and underline function. Yes, I use work arounds by importing different fonts, but the effect is reduced when compared to straight functionality.
Sanjay Jairath 02/06/20 07:36
I have created a doodly video on English Grammar learning. It was very time taking to highlight the words because to bold a word in the sentence or to write it in a different color, no option was available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mtoc14X9BY
John Legg 06/06/20 14:51
Wrap it all up as a named style like Microsoft Word.
John Legg 06/06/20 14:52
Wrap it all up as a named style like Microsoft Word.
Bo Bo 09/06/20 12:49
Great idea.
Hanna Suarez Garzon 24/06/20 21:55
todos somos iguales
Ajeet 26/06/20 05:43
really needed it.
Matthew Morizio 09/07/20 14:07
Agreed. This would be helpful!
Sujit K Jacob 21/07/20 15:09
that would be great
Raymon Lidra 13/08/20 14:19
Lenin Collado 30/08/20 03:56
También aplicar a doodly Rainbow, sería genial
A fernandes 20/09/20 10:47
please do it
Teresa A. Gibbons 29/09/20 09:58
Teresa A. Gibbons 29/09/20 10:00
This would be great
Alan Solomon 26/10/20 11:45
change colors of clothing, blouses, pants, skirts, sizes. lengths to be used with a fashion blog
Mr Spencer 18/11/20 01:21
gollly i was about to fall for the one time payment until i saw a video about it and then read this that you cannot even change color of individually selected words? doodly in 2050 might be god but in 2020 i can doodle it myself with a camera and cut out the mistakes and speed up timeline easier
Steve 01/12/20 01:08
Thanks for this.
Arnold Custodio 05/12/20 21:42
Sounds interesting.
Brian Alexander Perez 09/12/20 16:13
Its an amezing idea. I try to do it word by word for my educational videos.
Muhammad Abdul Aziz Khan 01/05/21 16:22