Edit Draw Paths on Shared Images
I love the fact that we can share draw paths and custom images, but I would like to have the option to edit draw paths on shared images, as well. For example, I may not like the way the original owner did the path, or maybe I would like to add additional paths to it, but I don’t want to have to start over completely from the paths they already did. Vice versa, someone I share an image with may want to alter my paths. Maybe they would prefer that a particular path starts at a different point in the drawing, but without being able to adjust my draw paths, they would have to start over drawing their own paths from the beginning. I think this would make using custom images a whole lot faster for the users and more efficient when these images are shared. I understand that there may be times that the original owner of the custom image/draw path may not want to allow someone to alter their draw paths. Perhaps to remedy this situation, when one goes to share a custom image/draw path, in the window that opens where the receiver's email address is entered, a default checkbox could be marked, restricting the draw paths to 'Read Only' (or some other description that does this type of function). If the sender would like to allow the draw paths to be seen and edited by the receiver, they would unmark the check box. This way, the sender would have complete control over whether or not the receiver could edit the draw paths.

Brandon Zitting shared this idea 24/11/18 18:02