Merge projects / Copy entire scenes to clipboard
It would be helpful to have the ability to copy entire scenes and be able to paste them from 1 project to another easily.

Jim Wells shared this idea 24/11/18 20:38
Rodrigo Alexandre Panepucci 17/02/19 17:34
This is very important. For instance, we usually have an intro scene and also a last scene personalized for our channel. Although in this case, we can save a project with both scenes to use in every new project, there are several instances were we want to re-utilize all the work we have put into an scene. Congratulations for the software! Hope you can add this feature soon. best, Rodrigo.
Greg Cottrill 29/03/19 21:00
I want to be able to copy/paste entire scenes, as well as selected groups of assets (i., e., not the entire scene).
Emily Barrell 07/05/19 14:10
yes, and between projects too