Control Hand Speed of Drawing Hand
When I put in an image, it draws the image but the hand is going about 100 mph across the screen and is all anybody can focus on. The solution I was told was to create a custom draw path for each and every image in my project. This is incredibly inefficient and a waste of time, I just want it to make a few pen strokes and move on. If I set the timing of the image and create a custom draw path it does what I want, so why can't it default or have an option to do it for all images?

Bill McVay shared this idea 13/04/20 14:58
Admin 14/04/20 19:50
Hi! You may control the speed of the drawing hand by increasing the duration of the image.
Bill McVay 27/04/20 18:45
Right, but that means I have to increase the duration of the image, which I specifically do not want to do. That is a terrible solution.
[email protected] 27/06/21 13:13
Sadly, just like real life, slowing down the speed of which you draw something, will affect the duration it takes to draw it. They work hand-in-hand. If you are concerned that the hand speed is blurred or too blocky in the end video, you can adjust the frame rate of the final video. 30fps is the current norm, but I believe Doodly can go up to 60fps. Be careful if you are sharing this on the web, some hosts like Facebook, and YouTube will override and set it to their maximum. FOr most sites it is around 30fps. You can also try editing the image paths by adding more nodes in each path. Each node is an equal set of time for its path. Each path shares equal time of the image layer. So duration still dictates it but you can slow the hand down where it matters to you.