Centering of Objects
Why can't images snap to the center of the frame, or at least have a dotted line that comes out when you are in the center such as Photoshop of even Powerpoint? The grid is all fine and well but I still have to manually center things. It would be even nicer if like Photoshop or Powerpoint that objects could also snap or show the dotted line when say a text box is centered under an image so I can easily place it there instead of having to eyeball it.

Bill McVay shared this idea 13/04/20 15:02
Spencer Bolduc 21/05/20 03:01
I have a hard time centering objects... images that I import I usually want centered for my own purposes and its hard to know if its truly centered
Bill McVay 19/03/21 19:23
Still wish this was a feature, the grid is a worthless feature they included, but snap to center or a setting to say center doesn't exist. Mindblowing.