90 degree custom path turns
I'm an architect, and I'd like to draw custom paths over line drawings. When I do this from point to point and turn a corner,, the path tries to smooth out the turn. The only way I've been able to do it, is draw a bunch of points in the same place.

Rick shared this idea 25/11/18 15:27
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:19
Not every line goes in circles and curves. there are lots of sharp corners in scenes.
Rodney Young 26/01/19 20:07
Robert Frazier just added a video in files showing how to do this
Cinda Lester 20/02/19 05:16
I'm an architect too, and would love this. Yes the work-around works, but it's clunky. I'd love to be able to pint and click from corner to corner, not have it "spline" between every 2 points.
Arnie Deltoff 30/04/19 18:09
Maybe have the ability to switch between linear and curved nodes.
Derek Carlin 21/07/19 06:31
perhaps a draw path point could have some options (or different kinds of "add point") ... one for spline point (line curves through it) and no-spline(?) point where line comes into point as straight line from previous point and straight line to next point (hard angle as a result). And if we can designate the spline point, then allow use to tweak the spline (bezier?) control handles to twist the curve to suite our purposes.
Evan Lewis 30/11/20 04:46
This is a simple request and it has been requested in various form on previous occasions. The default is that line drawing creates spline or bezier curves. We need to be able to over-ride this default to make straight lines between points. Other software does this by allowing the user to hold down the shift key while drawing a line. The work around is to stop the path at every corner and start a new line. But this is cumbersome and problematic because when you try to click on the last point of the previous line it automatically selects that line again. So it is virtually impossible to make shapes like polygons.