Use Hand to photo bring to canvas
Please add a hand to the photo bring to the canvas. It means always we draw a picture(import picture) or instant fade it to the canvas. But can you try this, Use hand(empty hand) and that picture drag by hand. Understood? We can drag that picture in different ways. Over the canvas, left to canvas , right to canvas, Bottom to the canvas. I hope you will understand that. did you see vedioscibe whiteboard animation software feature? This feature also add to that software, So, Please do it. It is a simple to update, please

Dushan missaka shared this idea 16/04/20 13:25
Admin 16/04/20 19:38
Hi! This feature has already been requested here. https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/20/hand-placing-items
Dushan missaka 17/04/20 16:40