add new supported languge
Hi. I love doodly and I use it usually. Doodly do not support arab language when I want to add text. We are 378 million arab citizen in the world. Please add and make doodly support the arab languge. Thanks.

sami hamdi shared this idea 25/11/18 20:35
Admin 26/11/18 13:08
When you go to the "text" tab at the top of the application and drag the text style that you want into the scene you can then, double-click on that text. This will present the field to enter the text and you will have the option to select "right to left." Please note that the right to left animation works with inserted text, but if inserted as a custom image it'll depend on the draw path you added. It won't have the checkbox. For best results, we recommend that you test fonts before attempting to use them within the Doodly software. To do so, please visit the Font Inspector site (https://opentype.js.org/glyph-inspector.html) and upload the font file there to be sure all characters load correctly. You can also click here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/doodly/permalink/714845805543002/) for a workaround by one of our users.