Doodly Keyframes
Hello. Can you add doodly keyframes? Because some times we need to move texts, images. Because I use a gif image, think I am using running gif image, So, I can move my image to the front and I can add a keyframe. If I use it It is a more realistic whiteboard animation I think. Or think this, If we have an unlimited white canvas, and we have a keyframe option I think we can create more realistic video. also, we can use hand and sweep images using keyframes. Please kindly consider this keyframe option. I think you got it Vedioscribe have that feature. Thank you

Dushan missaka shared this idea 18/04/20 18:38
Admin 08/07/20 01:24
Hi Dushan, a similar request has already been posted, please make sure to upvote it here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/154/movement-of-images-after-drawn