Better Female Representation
I've been playing around with Doodly for about 3 days now. Perhaps I still haven't seen all the characters, but it seems like a lot of the female characters are not portrayed in more "normal" outfits or stances. No lack of provocative stances and outfits. When I looked up cleaning, there was literally a woman bent over cleaning in heels in tiny shorts. I'm just getting frustrated with the lack of female characters in normal stances, wearing normal clothes, or at least more female characters wearing pants.... Loads of professional women use this platform and yet we are not represented. Even your so called "professional" female characters are tilting glasses and their hips are tilt like they are getting ready to propose a sexual favor not a marketing plan. Please update.

Martina Ramirez shared this idea 25/04/20 21:29
Admin 30/06/21 15:50
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/373/female-professionals-needed-in-slacks-suits-not-just-dresses-for-the-21st-century