Image Swipe/Replace
When we click on an image or prop on the canvas there should be an option (somewhere between the delete option and gear icon) to swipe/replace the existing image or prop with one of choice from the library on left side. And if possible the newly selected image/prop from the library should fall exactly at the same location on the canvas where the previous image had been and in same size.

Tanveer ul Islam shared this idea 18/10/18 17:07
Kendall Berry 20/10/18 01:39 flag comment
I like this idea for smooth transitions.
Kendall Berry 20/10/18 01:43 flag comment
Just a good feature
Flemming Ulrich Ostergaard 27/10/18 18:45 flag comment
I absolutely agree - that would be a great feature!
Royce Bell 07/11/18 23:58 flag comment
Trying to replace an (ostensibly) undesirable image of older self with a (supposed) more desirable image of younger self, but still have not been able to get Doodly to erase the older without also erasing parts of the newer, younger image. Very frustrating. This ain't ready for production, yet.
Joy Heath 02/12/18 03:38 flag comment
I was trying to figure out a work around for this. Definitely should add this feature
Pete Linforth 04/02/19 09:07 flag comment
Great idea, has my vote
a0980935343 14/02/19 21:17 flag comment
Atukunda Edwin 15/08/19 21:20 flag comment
Like it
[email protected] 09/09/19 00:37 flag comment
muy bien