Allow to import and use iPad drawings
On my iPad Pro I can create very nice hand drawings with the Apple pencil in e.g. the Keynote app and show them animated during the presentation. It would be a dream feature if Doodly would find a way and extract these drawings from keynote and imported them as a ready-to-go drawing with paths.

Ulrich Schwarz shared this idea 27/11/18 00:09
Workers First 05/01/19 20:40
I agree, this would be a valuable feature.
Joel Moran 15/01/19 21:43
I would also vote for this if it is not limited to ipad pencil creations but include other graphic tools like slate 2+ from iskn for instance
Derek Chen 18/04/19 09:42
not just for IPad, should do this for Surface Pro as well.