Multiple scenes copy and paste
A way to copy a number of scene from the video and them add them in to the end of the video At the moment it seems I can only copy one at a time. Which is time consuming and error prone. AS explainer videos being able to show two or more examples of basically the same thing is helpful EG a 50 scene video, take scenes 20 to 35 from the video and add them to the end to make a 65 scene video.

andrew p melton shared this idea 30/04/20 20:47
Denis 10/03/21 05:04
Agree. Regularly need to copy and paste multiple scenes to different spots in a timeline. Having to copy and paste and move scene by scene is painful. It would be great to be able to select one or more scenes. This would likely be using the usual keyboard combinations such as shift for continuous selection and command/control for for non contguous selection. The selected scenes would change colour to indicate they are selected. Then when you click and drag the selection there is a multiple scene icon that displays near the pointer as you move it to the spot in the timeline you need it to be. At that point, just as current, the insert point highlights in green where you can then drop it. This action inserting the multiple scenes, at that point.