Adding color through the platform
I watched how one person added color to their Doodly. WAY TOO COMPLICATED. Anyway of getting color added to the Doodly platform as opposed to creating an image and then coloring it on a photoshop and uploading it?

Jorge shared this idea 28/11/18 10:12
Eduard Renger 25/01/19 11:34
Totaly agree. I almost always use color in my doodles, and therefore cannot use any of the stock characters provided.
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:41
I believe this would make a huge difference!
Lori English 13/02/19 16:56
The video was insanely complicated and time-consuming and requires the use of other programs to do it. Ugh. No color? I won't be staying on.
Stefanus 23/05/19 13:23
Completely agree. I just start trying to use Doodly and spend too much time to add color to it.
Bernadette 24/07/19 18:33
Agree, big enhancement feature that would make app more valuable, using a click and fill feature.
Evan Lewis 30/11/20 04:52
I wanted to create my own drawing of a lathe from a photo. This worked but each line inherited its color from the photos. So it came out patchy in blues and blacks and some white areas are invisible. We need to have a way to make all the lines a selected colour. And why not allow the choice of changing color at any time the line segment is changed?
Greenshades Marketing 28/01/21 16:33
Isn't this what Toonly is for? It's basically Doodly, but with color elements. It's not that expensive of an add-on.