Ancient History
I am a teacher working online now with 6th grade students and teaching World History. This means we study ANCIENT times. As a teacher I am looking for a BUNDLE that would have hunter-gatherers, mammoths, stone age, farmers,, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt (pyramids, pharaohs,ancient jars, ancient people, etc) , India (Himalayan mountain, people, buildings, etc), China (The Great Wall, Buddha, Silk road, Mongols, etc), Greece (Gods, Buildings, people, etc), Rome (Buildings, Gladiators, lions, Jesus, artifacts, etc). I would love to see and ancient individual to help present, like Otzi, or one individual for each country. If you have them already can you put them in a bundle, or have the team make some? I would love the features and Intergrate them into my presentations. We will now be continuing to use online apps and activities in school when we open up again. Thank you for your time and hard work. Catherine Schulz School email: [email protected] Home email: [email protected] Phone: 575491-9582

Catherine shared this idea 11/05/20 14:27
Prabhu Atluri 13/05/20 00:54
yup. having them would be great..