Audio animation Sync Problem
There is a must needed function missing from Doodly. Doodly doesnot have function to sync animation and audio at particular time. Doing it manually is very difficult and time consuming. This function is available in videoscribe and many other softwares. I dont know why its missing from Doodly. Its a common sense function as a developer you people should know. Lets say like audio says firecracker explode at 1 minute 15 sec then how can I put my animation at right time. It difficult to do it manually.Kindly fix this issue. ASAP Thanks.

Anil kumar sah shared this idea 12/05/20 00:06
איתיאל אהרונסון 21/07/20 13:33
it would be great! Also when you trying to do some little adjustments to the animation's timing, you need to do it also for the voice over or the sound effects all over again. it would fix it if you'd have an easy way to adjust the audio and sync it with the animation. The ability to edit the audio like splitting and emerging would be awesome as well!
and also the ability to adjust volume level of each audio attached