Ability to set time for each path in imported images.
I create explainer videos where I import images i draw in softwares like sketchbook and I need to set custom paths with their own time and delays so that I can explain different parts of a image. Example, I have a tooth image. First i need to create a path showing enamel, then i need to explain it through voiceover so i need to set delay in the this path and the next path. Then I need to create a path for dentin drawing and delay it till i explain and so on. I hope this feature is integrated soon. This will be really helpful in educational videos.

Hina Malik shared this idea 28/11/18 12:56
Terry Bell 05/12/18 20:24
I agree, this would be a great feature. Both to delay the path, and to adjust the length of it.
ADHIR T SOOKRAJ 22/03/19 07:47
Yes, I would really appreciate this feature as it will make my drawings more realistic as currently some paths draw too fast and some too slow